Monday, April 14, 2014 Review and Giveaway generously let me pick one of their items to review.
So, I chose this sweet Talking Skull Candelabra:

As you can see, he also SINGS!
He croons a creepy version of the song 16 Candles,
which you will hear soon.

He came with batteries, so I was able to light him right up!
He's activated by flipping a switch then waving at his nose,
er where his nose once was.

Then sit back and let him serenade you, like so:

He shimmies forward as he sings, as you can see.
So don't put him near the edge of a table like me.

Except for that, he's pretty much perfect!
And reminds me of Svengoolie's candelabra:

Sadly he's out of stock,
but has other spooktacular stuff!
Like these Shrunken Heads:
I have one and love it!


 The first Holly's Horrorland follower to purchase anything from the Oddities section
(It's been marked as out of stock,
so nobody else can purchase it.)

Here's how the giveaway works:

For example, you purchase a Shrunken Head for $2.95.
You then email them at
Please provide your first and last name or name on the order (to verify order)
and let them know you're a follower of Holly's Horrorland.
Then they'll reply to tell you they'll be adding the diorama to your order completely free!
(You're also welcome to email them first and ask if there was already a winner,
so you won't have to purchase just to find out that the diorama is gone.)


  1. Wow! That talking/singing candelabra is totally awesome. And shrunken heads? I'm just wondering, are the shrunken heads mentioned here authentic? Either way, they're neat. You really are a collector of creepy curiosities, Holly.

    1. Thanks! I'm smitten with the skull. I think he needs a name!
      The shrunken head is named Mokibno. And nope, they're made of plastic, but look like the real deal!

  2. Had a real shrunken head in my collection for a bit ... but that was years past... and a long story..... We are at the 1/2-way to Halloween point of 2014....
    We hope that you are well dear Lady Holly...

    1. Ooh, I'm sure that's an interesting story!
      So glad we're getting closer to our day!
      Hope you're well too, dear Dr. Theda!

  3. Dude, shrunken head! I wonder where mine got to?