Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Delightfully Dark Dioramas

The Rodent Funeral

Two young mice named Stinky and Pain are now all on their own.
As they spontaneously went on a far away hunt for food, their father was sound asleep.
They made a big mistake for not waiting for dad to wake up.
Their irresponsible move resulted in the loss of their father.

As dad woke up, he immediately went on a mission to find his children.
After hundreds of miles, he did not find them.
Unfortunately, he ended up in a desert with no food or even water.
He suffered from dehydration and eventually passed away.
His body ended up mummified in the middle of a desert.

Luckily for his children, the body was eventually found.
Thanks to a white mouse priest, Stinky and Pain get to have a real funeral. 
The priest was on a spiritual mission and found his dead body slightly buried in the sand.
He later chose to lead the service for the devastated sons.

Although Stinky and Pain continue to blame themselves for their foolish mistake,
they must continue to stick together if they want to survive.
Of course, we hope they will make better choices in life.

Rat Zombie Attack

A small rat named Brainlover has risen from the dead with one thing in mind, revenge!
A land filled with rats slowly became a land filled with pigs.

A massive growing population of pigs had taken over the rats entire land.
This lead to the slow death of all rats because the pigs left them no land or even food.
Well, all rats except one. Brainlover came back to life to reverse the entire situation.

His goal is to eat the bodies and brains of every single pig in his land.
He is on his last pig (mummified dissected fetus)
before he starts up another rat population on a now empty land.
Now he just needs to find a female.

Flying Insect Zombie Attack

A former evil ruler (flying lizard from Indonesia)
named Brainzilla was kicked out of Planet Lizzylick.
Because he was a dictator and killer of thousands, the rebels literally booted him out.

His only shot at survival was to find another planet that provides food and water.
He also had planned on destroying anything in his way.
After three long days without any food or even a drop of water,
he continued to fly and found a suitable planet.
Although Planet Castle (only thousands of miles away from Lizzylick) is small,
it offers the perfect land and the perfect food for Brainzilla.
The planet is populated with plenty of tiny (three Sagra longicollis from Thailand) 
and some medium-sized (two Sagra buqueti from Malaysia) colorful beings.
Fortunately for him, they are weak and defenseless.

He ate their tasty brains and even drank their refreshing blood.
Although he is thriving and getting all of the proper nutrition,
what will he do after he takes his last bite and drink?
The colorful beings will all be gone. Unfortunately, 
he also doesn't realize that the next closest planet is a long 20,000 light years away!

It's A Boy

Giant Green (Phyllium giganteum from W. Malaysia) 
and Mommy Green (Phyllium celebicum from N. Thailand)
are finally happy and first-time parents!
They have been trying to conceive a baby for three consecutive years. 

After many failed attempts, they finally became successful and had their first child.
Mommy Green gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy 
named Shorty Green (Phyllium celebicum from N. Thailand).
This made Giant a very happy man. He always wanted a baby boy.
Now that the Green family has their nursery all completed,
they are now ready to show him off to all of their visitors.

This guest post was written by Joseph Caltabiano.
He's the owner of OneShotVariety.com,
the store that sells these and other creepy curiosities.

Check out more of their dioramas in this post here.


  1. Fabulous dioramas! I love that house in the back of the Rat Zombie Attack!

  2. I adore anything delightfully dark.

    Loving the rodent funeral.

  3. Oh my! This was not quite what I was expecting when I chose to follow your blog after the Hues of Oz event. I'm so very glad I made that choice now. Yours is a unique and somewhat twisted vision. Me likes!!! Now I gots to do something with all the animal skulls in my home for my blog.

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and the follow!
      I can't wait to see what you do with the animal skulls!

  4. Tuesday night, I had a strange dream about giant locusts attacking and crushing other insects like beetles with their jaws. Then, yesterday morning, I saw this post with its story about a Flying Insect Zombie Attack. Now I ask you, how awesome is that?