Monday, February 3, 2014

Classic TV Props

First off,
Happy Women In Horror Recognition Month
Happy Year of the (Educated) Horse!

While gathering photos for that video,
I stumbled upon Mister Ed's legs!

Well, they aren't his, but they are real taxidermy horse legs,
which were used for close-up leg stunts on the show.

Back Lot Charlie has quite a collection of classic TV props.

Here's some of my favorites:

Iron Maiden prop from The Addams Family

Grandpa Munster's tuxedo and lab prop

Check out the rest of his collection here!

I just started the History of Horror TV class at DSU,
so stay tuned for a post on those spooky families soon!


  1. Oh wow! Great TV props, I'm not sure what to think of the taxidermy horse legs though :)

  2. The birth of special effects! Fantastic makeup artists to be sure! xDebi

  3. Those legs are kinda creepy... but I think at the time was the best option to emulate horse legs.
    The rest of the items are lovely, 2 of my favourite tv shows.

    A Strangeness in me Blog

  4. Thanks for the link to the Addams props, Holly! I'm going to have fun browsing that site! :) I've read that a lot of the fantastic props on the Addams set disappeared after the show wasn't renewed, so it's good to know some of them survived for a little show and tell. :)

    1. You're quite welcome! I'm so glad some of them survived too.

  5. It looks like Mr. Ed is locked in the pillory. What's he being punished for?

    1. Maybe for talking too much? lol. I need to see that episode.

  6. Horse legs, eh? Good for counting!

  7. Winter, Prudence, and Dani ~ I'm glad you enjoyed these props! Sorry for creeping you out with the horse legs, but that's my job! lol. To post creepy curiosities that is. :)

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