Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Scary Merry Mash-Ups

Night of the Living Dead meets MTV's The Real World in HOUSED:
You can watch the other episodes of this hilarious webseries here!

Home Alone meets I Am Legend in this fantastic fake trailer:

My Gal, The Zombie meets Vincent Price in her Holiday Special:
(The Vincent Price part starts at the 54 minute mark)
You can also download songs from it for FREE here!

Happy Horrordays!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

The 7th Carol of Creepmas: Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing by Christopher Lee

The last carol is a medley of metal melodies by a living legend.

Get it here and have a headbanging holiday!

Get a free Christmas episode of Beavis and Butthead here!
The winner of the Videogram album is...
Bob J!

The winner of the More Halloween, I'm Afraid album
and The Miskatonic Acid Test soundtrack is...
Jeremy H!

Congrats, guys! I'll be emailing you soon.

The Ornamental album is still up for grabs here!

Friday, December 12, 2014

The 6th Carol of Creepmas: Coventry Carol by Jill Tracy

Coventry Carol is a Christmas carol dating from the 16th century.
The carol was performed in Coventry in England,
as part of a mystery play called The Pageant of the Shearmen and Tailors.
The carol refers to the Massacre of the Innocents,
in which Herod ordered all male infants under age two in Bethlehem to be killed.
The lyrics of this haunting carol represent a mother's lament for her doomed child.
It is the only carol that has survived from this play.

Jill will perform the song tomorrow at her Online Christmas Concert!
You can get all the details and a ticket to it here.

Where to get the song:

Jill's album Silver Smoke, Star of Night here
Projekt's Holiday Collection Ornamental here
Comment with your email to win a free download code for Ornamental!

I'll pick a winner on the 23rd.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The 5th Carol of Creepmas: Flowers and Lies by The Barrow Wights

Why'd I pick this as a Creepmas carol?
Because Santa is a lie, sadly.
(Krampus is totally real though!)

The song and video are from The Miskatonic Acid Test,
a forthcoming film from American Entropy Productions.
The plot?
In the late 60's, things went very wrong at a psychedelic
rock concert in witch-haunted Arkham, Massachusetts.
As the drugs and music peaked,
Miskatonic University's Philosophy Professor took the mic,
and began to read phrases from a book called Necronomicon.

The film consists of "found footage" of that infamous night;
the people, the atmosphere, the music... and the horror!

The Barrow Wights are one of over a dozen bands created for the film.
The songs, by Dark Lord Rob (of ex-The Not Quite) and Jim Terry,
will be available as a double-CD released concurrently with the film.
Comment with your email to win a free download of the album!

I'll pick a winner on the 13th.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The 4th Carol of Creepmas: Release The Bats by Dulcet Jones

This song makes me think of bats stealing candy from bad kids
on Halloween and delivering them to good kids on Christmas.
Just like Candy Claws!

You can buy a plushie of him and his book here

Release The Bats is on Dulcet Jones' second Halloween album,
which features spooky, progressive, instrumental music.
Suitable for haunts, or just getting creeped out!

You can buy the album here.
Comment with your email to win a free download!

I'll pick a winner on the 13th.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The 3rd Carol of Creepmas: Krampusnacht by Unto Ashes

This song is in celebration of Santa's sinister sidekick's day/night!

It's on the album Spellbound In Winter by Unto Ashes, who, since 1999,
have been celebrating Winter's magic through exquisite and unique songs.

You can get the album here.

Also get a free sample of Krampus: The Devil Of Christmas ebook here!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The 2nd Carol of Creepmas: I Remember Halloween by The Ghoolz

This song is just as awesome as Halloween by The Misfits.
And it's perfect for Creepmas,
cause it's all about holding on to Halloween.

The Ghoolz are a Michigan-based band that make raw,
catchy-as-hell, 50s-influenced horrorpunk.

I Remember Halloween is on their first self-titled album,
which features Karen Cooper on the cover, as you can see.
(She's my favorite ghool from Night of the Living Dead.)

You can get it on slime-green cassette or digitally on Bandcamp here.
The cassette has 2 bonus songs,
which are also on Amazon MP3 here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

The 1st Carol of Creepmas: The Tooth Fairy Night Theme by Videogram

This is a reminder that Santa isn't the only housebreaker.
I find the tune soothing, yet unsettling (which I love!),
especially combined with the artwork by Saccstry.

It's one of several killer tracks on Videogram's first full length album,
which is a celebration of the glory days of VHS. 
Written specifically for the Italian Horror Week.

Created as a trailer show for a fictitious video label,
the album offers a selection of sounds ranging from gritty slashers
and post-apocalyptics to supernatural horrors and cannibal freak outs. 

Dedicated to the directors, producers, actors, composers
and video labels of 1980's horror and exploitation.

You can buy the album here.
Comment with your email to win a free download code!

I'll pick a winner on the 13th.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Feast

Photo via Gastrolust

Get the recipe from Liberace's cookbook here!

If you aren't a zombie, brains may not be appetizing to you.
So, instead try one of these other black entrees listed here!

And wash it down with black Jell-O shots,
which double as dessert!

Get the recipe here!

While watching Black Flag TV in the Viewing Room here!

Liberace in his TV watching dining room

Monday, November 17, 2014

Bewitched Cookbooks

The Bewitched Cookbook: Magic in the Kitchen

Published in 1995 and written by Kasey Rogers,
the second actress to play Larry's wife Louise.

What's In It:

~ Cousin Serena's "I-don't-cook" quick-fixes

~ Dr. Bombay's exotic banquets

~ Maurice's special drinks and delicacies

~ Endora's wickedly tasty tricks and treats

~ Samantha's never-before-revealed private recipes
for Perfect Pizza and Benson's Chili Con Carne -
the special dishes that saved Darrin's career

~ Never-before-seen photographs

~ Trivia quizzes,

~ An episode-by-episode index

Where To Get It:

Secondhand, since it's sadly out of print.

The Magic of Bewitched Cookbook:
Clients, Cookery and Cocktails

Written by Gina Meyers,
who's considered a Bewitched expert.
This is her third book about the show.

What's In It:

~ Darrin's favorite meal

~ Serena's Saucy Guide to Life

~ Larry's hangover remedy cures

~ Mrs. Kravitz's sugar cookie recipe

~ Clients Coming Over In An Instant Appetizers

~ Dr. Bombay's Sure to Cure Favorite Home Remedy drink

~ Madison Avenue Mocktails

~ Helpful kitchen tips

~ Trivia tidbits

~ Rare photographs

~ A listing of McMann and Tate Advertising Clients

Where To Get It:

On Gina's site here.

Also the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook,
the Unofficial Twilight Cookbook, and more!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Sabrina Strong Series by Lorelei Bell

Like the vampire itself, interest in vampire books, movies and shows will never die.
We can do so much with the creature,
they're so malleable that the possibilities are endless.

Hi, my name is Lorelei Bell, and if you couldn't tell by my opening,
I write about vampires.
I was into vampires way before it became cool.

When it came to creating my own series, and heroine,
I chose not to go with the kick-ass chick who went after vampires, demons or whatnot.
Those stories were becoming a dime a dozen. You could throw a rock and hit one.
Nor did I want her to work in some sort of newly created bureau (as in Karen Chance,
Keri Arthur, and Kim Harris novels).
I didn't want to plop my readers somewhere after the beginning of the story and
do a lot of back story. I wanted to begin at the beginning with my reluctant hero,
Sabrina Strong, a sometimes quirky twenty-one year old who has this
unique problem where she can't hold a job because she is a Touch Clairvoyant.
She can't touch anything without going into a trance,
and wears gloves in order to get through the day out in the world.
But, when her father dies, she is forced to find a job —
something she can actually do. Something she was born to do.
So when she answers the ad for a clairvoyant,
she doesn't expect to work for vampires, but that's who wants to hire her.
She's hired to solve the murder of the wife of handsome,
seven-foot tall master, Bjorn Tremayne.
And so the story of Sabrina Strong, Touch Clairvoyant begins.

The series opens with Sabrina heading to the job interview,
but gets attacked by a werewolf.
Enter Nicolas Padarau, the vampire who was to hire her for the job.
He saves Sabrina from the attack by turning into a wolf himself,
after which he sucks the werewolf venom from her wrist.
Then, because she has lost some blood and is woozy,
he drives her to his apartment in Chicago.
She wakes up in his bedroom — not exactly comforting to her,
but it seems he was a gentleman.
We learn as the story goes on Nicolas is smitten with her.
Problem is, Mr. Tremayne has the right to claim her and does... eventually.

Surrounded by vampires, it isn't surprising that when she meets Dante Badheart
(telepath,shape shifter, and shaman), she is relieved she won't be looked after
by another vampire when it appears that someone is trying to kill her.
Dante's task is to keep Sabrina safe, but when she begins having visions
that show her best friend has been abducted by a faceless vampire,
she's off to try and find and save her.
That's when she comes face-to-face with the one vampire who has been
reoccurring in her dreams and visions since childhood,
and she is very certain this vampire was the one who turned her own mother
(who everyone knew was dying of cancer), when she was young.
His name is Vasyl, an over one thousand year old vampire who has been
looking for the sibyl all his human and vampire life — and Sabrina is it!

Sabrina learns she is a sibyl, and is given a magical dagger that poisons vampires,
kills demons, and fallen angels —which is her duty,
although she won't harm those she deems her friends.
Sabrina has to learn who and what she is, and how to do this job throughout the series.
Plus she is given a ring that thwarts vampire thrall. S
he can't escape this responsibility, and learns more about it through Vasyl,
who has been seeking her down through the centuries,
and had to become a vampire in order to continue his search for her.
Vasyl explains that the world has been waiting for her for thousands of years.
The prophesy tells that she is to give birth to a Dampier,
who will become king of vampires.
In her case, she's resisting the call of motherhood, at least in these first few books.

This is not your usual cookie-cutter paranormal romance.
It's urban fantasy with a mix of genres —romance, adventure, mystery, horror.
It's a “closed world”, where vampires exist in our reality,
but not everyone is aware of them, instead of a hypothetical alternate universe.
Throughout the series, Sabrina will visit other worlds as well, learn new talents,
and become more magical as the series goes on, and find a lot of romance in between.

The four books in the series are as follows:

Vampire Ascending
Get it here!

Vampire's Trill
Get it here!

Vampire Nocturne (A steampunk novel)
Get it here!

Vampire Caprice
Get it here!

Learn more about Lorelei at her blog here!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Witches Dishes

First, a belated Halloween gift to all of you:

And the virtual bucket of books goes to... Jason Ghoulscout!
Congrats! I'll be emailing you soon.

Jason picked Serena from Bewitched as his favorite fictional witch,
so the first post for Nomvember will be on the Bewitched Cookbooks!
(No, that's not a typo.)
What is Nomvember?
A month full of freaky food!

Have you conjured up a creepy culinary creation?
Send the recipe to me and I'll post it for all to see!

This comic is courtesy of Lorelei Bell,
who you'll be seeing a post from soon!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Nevermore Rapport

First off,
I've extended the Bucket of Books Giveaway till midnight PST tonight.
Enter by telling me who your favorite fictional witch is here!

What do witches and Poe have in common?

They both love black cats!

So let's celebrate these feared felines by doing the following:

Reading the comic adaptation of The Black Cat from Tales of Terror:
Read the rest of the comic here!

While sipping a Black Cat Martini:
Get the recipe here!

And listening to a spooky song,
such as Read Me a Story by The Clock Work Army:
(I'm quite proud of this video!)
People from past to present pondering over petrifying prose.
Including blogger buds Chris Hewson and Laura Morrigan.

Now visit the other P(oe)arty peeps:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Freaktown Comics Presents: Slashermania

About The Book:

Troubled teens from New York and Los Angeles are taken to a summer camp facility
to be trained as counsellors and mix safely with other people their own age.
Little do they know they are being watched by an audience hungry for sex & violence.
They are the designated victims for a bizarre contest of murder and mayhem –

Masked maniacs from across the USA, Canada,
Italy & the UK compete in various categories:
Best Male Solo Death! Best Female Solo Death! Coitus Interruptus! Sin Punishment!
Most Creative Kill! Biggest Multiple Death! The coveted Slasher of the Year award!

"And the Slashie goes to..."

This original graphic novel was written by Russell Hillman, 
with art by Ron Joseph, Jake Isenberg and Harry Saxon, 
and letters by Sergio Calvet.

Where To Get It:

At the Kickstarter campaign here.

Want to know more before you go there?

Check out the trailer:

And download the FREE Slashermania promo pack here!
(It contains a short prologue,
background info on the killers involved,
and a couple of preview pages.)

Here's the perfect tune to listen to while you read it:

Camp Blood by Magnus Sellergren/Videogram,
featuring scenes from Indonesian F13 knockoff Srigala.

Grab the track from a site below
and get your groove on like Jason!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Halloween Comics

See all the comics you can get FREE in shops tomorrow here!

You can also get the best of the bunch (imho) on Comixology!

Speaking of Scooby,
I must mention this groovy Indiegogo campaign:

There's a new issue of Halloween Man on Comixology too!

This MONSTER-sized issue features two brand new stories.
One written by series creator Drew Edwards and the other by roots rocker Julian Dossett!
Plus some of the best loved tales from Halloween Man's long web comics past
AND a special forward by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley!
So don't delay, dig into this Halloween treat here today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Freaktown Comics Presents: Deadly Burlesque

About The Book:

The Bowery, Lower Manhattan, 1980.
The New York burlesque scene has faded away,
replaced by strip joints, peep shows and porno palaces.
One small club of indomitable performers – the Luxury Lounge -
still holds out against the tide.

The art of burlesque is dying. For one person, it isn't dying fast enough.
As the bodies pile up, so do the suspects –
could the killer be desperate club owner Mr Barnett?
Cantankerous juggler The Amazing Ralph?
Stale stand-up comic Martin Stevens?

A performer can die onstage a thousand times. Offstage, once is enough.

Deadly Burlesque is a one shot horror story
inspired by the earliest of the first wave of eighties slasher movies.
Written by Russell Hillman, art by Daniel Bell and letters by Sergio Calvet.
24 pages, full colour, £4.00.

My Two Cents:

Reading this comic was like watching an awesome 80's slasher movie.
Background music is even mentioned, which I listened to while I read.
The writing is witty and the story is thought-provoking,
especially the ending.
Plus there's topless girls and gore!
Who could want more?!

Where To Get It:

Thought Bubble Comic Convention in Leeds, England next month.
With online release to follow.

One of you can win an advanced digital copy though,
by entering the Bucket Of Books Giveaway here!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Witches In Fiction: Crafting Blooming Howls (Plus a Giveaway!)

For this magical party I crafted words into a poem,
which was inspired by the following:

1. The episode of Bewitched about Tabitha and a polka dot elephant

2. The conjoined twins from American Horror Story: Freak Show

3. The photo of model Dovima with Elephants

4. The song Elephant Elephant by Evelyn Evelyn

Tabitha and the Elephants

Tabitha went to the animal park to see the famous pachyderm pair,
And she thought them being tied at each other's side wasn't fair
So she twitched and separated the two
But when she saw that made them blue,
She twitched them back together again
Realizing that way they'd always have a friend
Then she flew through the rest of the park,
Pairing animals like Noah for his Ark.

Tabitha's mom, Samantha, is my favorite fictional witch.

Who's your favorite fictional witch?

Comment with your answer and email address,
to be entered to win a virtual bucket of ebooks!
Spooky ones, of course!

Winner will be picked randomly
and announced on October 30th.

[I'm still looking for ebook donations too.
Authors, if interested, please email me!
I'll donate $1 to Scares That Care for each.]

Friday, October 10, 2014

Help make CINDY a reality

 Cindy is a foster child (read: maid, unpaid personal assistant, emotional punching bag).
Her “family” are reality TV superstars who make the Kardashians look warm and fuzzy.
Her Fairy Godmother has a drug problem and her handsome Prince is over twice her age.

Though this isn't a horror series, that definitely sounds like a scary tale to me.

Plus it's created by Larry Wilson, 
the co-creator of Beetlejuice and The Addams Family,
so you know it's going to be awesome!

Speaking of awesome,
if you donate even just $1 to the Kickstarter campaign,
you can enter to win one of these posters here!

Beetlejuice poster will be signed by Larry Wilson.
Addams Family poster will be signed by Larry Wilson & Caroline Thompson.
Edward Scissorhands and NBC posters will be signed by Caroline Thompson,
who's the screenwriter of both fabulous films.

Take a gander at all the other great perks here!

P.S. Since I ♥ strange art and this month is all about books,
I must also mention Last Gasp's Kickstarter campaign here!

Friday, October 3, 2014

October Events

October is going to be All About Books
and I propose a Book Bucket Challenge!

This challenge is for ebook Authors.

You can do one of the following:

A. Donate a horror ebook to the virtual bucket

B. Donate a dollar to Scares That Care here

If you do A, I'll do B, so STC benefits either way!
You're welcome to do a guest post on your book(s) too.
If you're interested, please email me!

One lucky follower will win the virtual bucket of ebooks!

How do you enter?
By commenting on my post for this event on the 17th:

Party details here!

The winner will be announced on the 30th,
in my post for this event:

P(oe)arty details here!

Speaking of Poe,
So I get to spend Halloween weekend at The Poe Museum
with Vincent Price's daughter, Victoria Price!

Info on the two fab nights of festivities here!

I'll also be having lunch with Victoria
AND going on a walking tour with her and a guide
to visit all of the historic Poe locales in Richmond!

I'm so grateful for this awesome opportunity
and I can't wait to share it with all of you!
I'm planning to interview Victoria too,
so please comment with questions for her!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A toast to Marilyn Burns

May 7, 1949 - August 5, 2014

Marilyn Burns played Sally Hardesty in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Perhaps the number one Scream Queen of all-time. 
Seeing the film at the drive-in twice, first in the Summer of 1975 
and then again in the Summer of 1981 was quite an experience.
Her memorable, intense, emotionally exhausting performance 
is one of the greatest in horror film history.
And everything I've ever read about her, says she was sweet and kind to her fans.
She will not be forgotten.

This post was written by Conrad Widener
and is the last ghost toast of Spectember.

Stay tuned for a big announcement soon!