Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 13th Comic of Creepmas: The Dark of the Forest

About The Book:

It all started out so innocently.

Seven friends set out on a birdwatching weekend in the middle of the Navarre forest.
Little did they know that while they were watching the birds,
something else was watching them.
Something that wasn't human. Something very protective of the forest,
and willing to kill anyone that gets in its way.

 Something hungry.

Freaktown Comics brings you a desperate tale of survival,
humans united against a mysterious and deadly predator in a bloody battle to the death.

My Two Cents:

This comic was both exciting and educational.
It taught me what a Basajaun is,
and to stay far away from them!
I also love that it's set in the groovy 70's,
and features gobs of gory goodness!
Oh, and nudity! Definitely not a comic for kiddies.
Fellow adult horror fans will totally dig this though.
Especially the unexpected ending!

Where To Get It:

UK On Display
Win a physical copy right here!
Just by answering creator Russell Hillman's question:

The cover of The Dark of the Forest is inspired by a Jack Davis panel
from Mad Magazine's parody of the Eighties slasher boom.
What was their slasher story called?

Please include your name and email in your comment too.
Deadline is next Sunday, the 22nd.


  1. This is a great comic by great guys!

  2. God, I was just a little kid when I read this on the magazine shelves of a long-defunct cafeteria style eatery, but I somehow remember this as being titled "Arbor Day"-a mockery of Friday the 13th I suppose.

    Am I right?

  3. Oh-if I did answer correctly, my name is John Polojac and the email is

  4. Hi Holly! Is it Arbor Day? December 1981. #227? And the results of my poll are in. I gave you a special shout out, since our Beloved Michael DIDN'T win! So, I included extra pictures of him. Here's my email per your request.

    1. Lame of me. The email is

    2. I'm sorry Michael didn't win, but you might! The winner will be announced tonight.
      Thanks for entering and for the shout out! I'll be by to see it and our man soon. :)
      I also realized I never replied to your other comment! Sorry! I'll do that soon too.