Saturday, August 17, 2013

Red Handed Scary Tale Contest

If you have ailurophobia (or any other phobias),
I suggest you check in to the Fear Clinic here!

What is ailurophobia? The fear of felines.
Black cats are the most feared, but they're my favorite.
That's why I'm celebrating Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Red Riding Kitty
Red Riding Hood is my favorite fairytale, so I need her!

That's also why I had to get involved with Red Handed,
my blogger buddy Kweeny Todd's upcoming short film.

To get the word out about this sick flick,
we've teamed up for a Scary Tale Contest!

All the info is in the promo pic below:
Created by Jeremy of Being Retro
(Thank you! You're the best!)

The deadline is Sept. 8th by the way,
so don't delay and share the scares!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Send in the Clown Dolls

In celebration of Clown Week and Doll Day (which was Sunday),
I present a collection of perhaps the creepiest combo ever!

Starting with some familiar painted faces...

Clown Doll from Poltergeist
(On display at the Vegas Planet Hollywood)

Clown Dummy from Dead Silence
(Replica by

Evil Krusty The Clown Doll from The Simpsons

Clown Doll from The Twilight Zone
(He's sold here, but sadly out of stock)

Puppet Terrors - Bunky The Clown
(Him and his comics are available here!)

Living Dead Dolls - Cuddles, Captain Spaulding, and Schitzo

Mad Clowns - Dementia, Buzzcut, Scatterbrain, and Maestro
(Set of four figures available here!)

Jacked Up Jill in the Box
(She's available here!)

And since today was Cat Day, I'll leave you with this...

(Video by my buddy WicKED. Check out his blog here!)