Sunday, July 28, 2013

SDCC 2013 Exclusives

If I attended The Con, I would've grabbed these...

Monster High Webarella

I HAD to have her!
So I bought her on eBay for $90,
which actually wasn't a bad deal.
Some sellers are charging double that,
even though they got her for just $25.

Batusi Batman

This moving, grooving figure was also made by Mattel. 
They're going to break me!

Nintendo Jason

As a proud owner of the game, I NEED this figure!
If you do too, you can enter to win him here & here.
(Thanks to Shit Movie Fest for the links!)

Teddy Scares Annabelle Package

You can get this undead ted with removable head here!
 T-Shirts are sold there separately too.

She's also available at the ESP Store
along with these agorable guys:

Cyrus & Mazey

I shall own them all! Eventually. Maybe. Hopefully!

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