Friday, May 17, 2013

MMM Day 6 & 7: Thriller Thursday & Franken-Fine Friday

I'm amping up for some toy (mostly doll) talk this summer,
so decided to end MMM with two totally ghoul 80's toys!

Thriller Thursday

Japanese Vinyl Michael Jackson Thriller Figures

I WANT! Especially the werewolf version.

Franken-Fine (Hair Design) Friday

Play-Doh Fuzzy Pumper Monster Shop

Stay tuned for a review of this soon!

What is/was your favorite monster toy?

 photo MMM2013_zpsf074c67d.png

Thanks to everyone who made this event a smash!

Now it's time to crash!


  1. I remember that play dough toy set. So funny! :)

  2. Oh, boy! Those toys are adorable! I had a 3D board game called 'Which Witch' when I was little. It was was shaped like a haunted house with 4 rooms and was the next best thing to a creepy dollhouse. Sadly, my mum gave it away when we moved house. :(

  3. Holy carp, now I want those MJ action figures too!!!
    Some Dark Romantic

  4. My nephew and I built all the Universal monster models together back in the '60's. I loved all of them! Oh! He also had a battery operated Godzilla toy that was great for terrorizing Barbies!