Monday, May 13, 2013

MMM Day 3: Musical Mumy Monday

Although Billy Mumy has played many characters,
he'll always be this monster kid from The Twilight Zone to me:

Anthony Fremont in It's a Good Life

So I was pleased to find out he reprised this role,
in an episode of the new Twilight Zone,
which you can watch here!

Cloris Leachman also reprises her role as his mother in it.
And this time there's a new monster in town, his daughter!
Played by Mumy's real life daughter, Liliana.

Did you know Mr. Mumy is also a Musician?!

He's made several solo albums, 
which you can check out here.

I'm more fond of his band Barnes & Barnes though.

Fish Heads is their most famous (or infamous) song,
but my favorite (and most fitting for this post) is Cemetery Girls.

Check it out:

Anthony: This was a good post, wasn't it? A real good post!
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  1. Billy Mumy is pretty cool. My Dad made me watch a ton of Lost in Space when I was a kid.

    I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, ha ha.

  2. Fish Heads was awesome! Thanks for the intro to Mr. Mumy!
    Here's my day IV MMM at Design du Jour.

  3. Always enjoyed the kookiness of "Fish Heads"

  4. As a child he looked a bit like the actor who played David on the original "Dark Shadows."