Monday, February 11, 2013

The Woeful Tale of The Wasp Woman

I watched and discussed this B movie with two of my best blogger buddies,
Kweeny Todd and Emma of Little Gothic Horrors. Get all the buzzzz here!

Anyway, I'm a nerd who likes to dig up facts about films,
and oh boy, did I dig up a doozy on this one!
Well, more specifically on the lead actress, Susan Cabot.

Article from Dec. 12, 1986

 Her son, Timothy, later confessed to the murder.
He was a dwarf with psychological problems by the way,
which were caused by being treated with experimental growth hormones for 15 years!

You can read more about this sad, strange case here and/or watch the video below:


  1. What a story! It's absolutely awful, of course, but I started to lose it at the description of the burglar as "a tall, Latino man with curly hair, dressed in the robes of a 'Japanese Ninja' warrior". By the time I got to the bit about her son being a dwarf who had psychological problems after being "treated with experimental growth hormones for 15 years" (Queen Wasp Jelly, anyone?), I had fallen off my chair laughing. Oh dear!

  2. This is an interesting post. It's really tragic about her murder though--and by her son that she was so close to!

  3. Awesome story you found Holly! That's more weird and terrible than the movie we watched!