Sunday, January 20, 2013

Virtual Poe-ty in PA

In celebration of Edgar Allan Poe's 204th birthday,
let's have some cake...

Portrait of Poe in Waldorf Astoria Red Velvet Cake
Recipe here!

And Poe-tent cocktails...

Pick your poison:
The Black Cat. Recipe here!

Montresor & Fortunato. Recipe here!

(Masque Of The) Red Death. Recipe here!

The Raven. Recipe here!

In Poe's dream room!
The Reading Room at the Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site in PA,
created based on his Philosophy Of Furniture.

Now all we need is some Poe-ty music:

Before departing PA, let's venture to the Free Library of Philadelphia and visit Grip,
Charles Dickens' taxidermied pet raven and the inspiration for Poe's poem:

Quoth the Raven "Read more!" Info on him here!

Did you know Poe also met Dickens while he was in Philly in 1842?
That's just one of the many fascinating facts I learned from this book:

Edgar Allan Poe: An Illustrated Companion to His Tell-Tale Stories
Review here!

Speaking of books, the rest of this month will be all about them.

I'm also planning to put together a fitting music video,
featuring photos of YOU pondering over petrifying prose!
 Like so:

Portrait of a Girl (Virginia Poe?) Reading by Thomas Sully

Everyone who submits a photo will be entered to win a prize!
Submission deadline is the 29th. Video will be up on the 31st.