Friday, September 14, 2012

Back with Bats!

Hey! Sorry I've been MIA.
I was ordered (unjustly) to vacate my apartment (long story),
but found a way better one, which I move into on Oct. 13th!
So, until I have to go on another blogging break then,
I can get to the TONS of posts I have planned!

First, I want to thank everyone who donated to!
Since most of you decided to remain anonymous,
I just have two giveaway winners.
And they are... *drum roll* ...

 John P and Lauri E!

You may both pick a prize listed here.
(John, you get first choice though, since you made the larger donation.)

Here's another beautiful bat art piece by my pal Cliffhanger Croumbles
(check out his films here!), along with a fitting poem by Anne Sexton:


His awful skin
stretched out by some tradesman
is like my skin, here between my fingers,
a kind of webbing, a kind of frog.
Surely when first born my face was this tiny
and before I was born surely I could fly.
Not well, mind you, only a veil of skin
from my arms to my waist.
I flew at night, too. Not to be seen
for if I were I'd be taken down.
In August perhaps as the trees rose to the stars
I have flown from leaf to leaf in the thick dark.
If you had caught me with your flashlight
you would have seen a pink corpse with wings,
out, out, from her mother's belly, all furry
and hoarse skimming over the houses, the armies.
That's why the dogs of your house sniff me.
They know I'm something to be caught
somewhere in the cemetery hanging upside down
like a misshapen udder.


  1. Oooo! Thank you, Holly! I was really digging the Lovecraft drawing in the set of 5 11x17 art prints by Mr. Zenga. I choose that one :)

    1. No problem! Just send your address to blacklacewings85@aol and we'll work on getting those prints to you! :)