Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Trip Through The Zombie Tarot

It appears the Zompocalypse may be underway,
so good thing The Zombie Tarot came out Tuesday!

I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of the set,
which includes the following:

78 tarot cards and a 96 page instruction booklet

I love the retro artwork on the cards
and the instructions are excellent!
Even a novice like myself was able to conduct a reading,
(with eerily accurate results!)
The cards explain your past, give a glimpse of the future,
and most importantly, offer advice on which path to take now.
Which makes it a valuable tool to an indecisive person like me.

Now without further ado,
let's journey through a few of the 22 Major Arcana cards...

The Fool
† New Journey † First Steps † Hasty Choices

Starting out in a graveyard wasn't a wise idea,
but luckily you packed a gun in your basket!
Now shoot your way through the zombie horde here!
(Even if you lost the game, let's say you got through.)

After fleeing the graveyard, you spot a house!
The door's unlocked, so you let yourself in and find a TV...

The Hierophant
† Truth † Advice † Education

The Newscaster: Show these ghouls who's boss with hot sauce!

You're skeptical, but listen to the rest of his report.
(Which you can read here. Emphases on photo 3.)

Suddenly you see a zombie! So you reach for your gun...

† Resolve † Conviction † Inner Determination

But oh no, you're out of ammo!
Time to put the Newscaster's advice into action!
You run to the kitchen and grab a bottle of hot sauce.
No time to consume some, so you pour it on the floor.
The zombie lurches in, slips in the sauce, and falls.
While he's down,
you grab a butcher knife and slice his skull open!

Your victory dance is interrupted by the sound of footsteps.
You turn around to find your friend, who's here to fly you away!
(Hey! Miracles can happen!)
You grab knifes and hack your way to the helicopter,
get inside, and take to the sky...

The Sun
† Success † Enlightenment † Hope

Next stop Paradise Island or_____?

Back of instruction booklet

And lastly, a look at the Aces of the four Minor Arcana suits...
 † Swords                † Cups                                     † Hazards              † Wands

For more info and to purchase the set, click here!


  1. Ohmigosh, these are *amazing*! I stopped reading tarot maybe 9 years ago, so my memories of cards' meanings is fuzzy, but that image for The Fool really struck me as being spot-on!
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. I'm still learning the meanings, but The Fool seemed spot-on to me too!

  2. Oh, the artwork on these cards is fabulous! Retro + Horror = Awesome!!! :D

  3. Sounds like fun! The dude on The Fool card reminds me of James Garner LOL.

    1. Now that you mention it, he does look like James Garner! LOL.

  4. Very cool. The retro aspect just makes all the more creepier.

  5. Very cool! I think I need to get those.

  6. There's a Horror Blogger Alliance? Cool! It's amazing what you run across while touring the blogosphere. I'm a Horror writer, and I'll have to look that thing up.

    Love the zombie tarot cards. :-)

    1. Yep! I discovered it while blog surfing too. You should join! :)

  7. Yes, I love the vintage look to these! Too bad I already have way too many tarot decks as it is :P


  8. I MUST have this. I've been wanting a tarot set for ages, great for writing prompts!

    1. This is definitely the best tarot set for spooky writers!

  9. "Hazards" instead of Pentacles....?
    Have Not used my cards in some time... will do so Friday night.....
    things not together for doing a Summation on Friday night at 3:00am... Saturday morning...
    Moon "waxing" & over 1/2 Full.... do not even know star alignments for that day....

    1. Indeed! And I never even took all that into consideration.
      I have a lot to learn!