Monday, May 21, 2012

Musick Monday: Weapon Of Choice

I hereby decree this to be Weapons Week!

So, what's your weapon of choice to battle The Walken Dead?

Or would you rather join 'em than beat 'em?
If so, here's how you do: 

1. Print this mask:

2. Color it a ghoulish green or blue. Add black around the eyes too.

3. Cut it out, tie a string around it, and put it on.

4. Start talkin' like Walken!

Thanks to ZOMBIE! for posting the mask and inspiring this post!
I'll be featuring their musick next Monday.


  1. Love that video!

    My weapon of choice? A short sword.
    Light-weight, quicker than long swords, easy to maneuver. Sufficient reach yet deadly at close range. Works for both stabbing or slashing. Hilt can be used as blunt weapon. NEVER runs out of ammo!

    1. Excellent choice! Swords have many advantages over guns.

  2. *looks around at the veritable armoury in her livingroom* Do I only have to pick /one/?

    1. Guess your question would be which weapon do you use first?
      And may I come stay with you during the Zompocalypse? ;)

  3. Zombies and Christopher Walken are two of my favorite things. So, the pairing of the two is just perfect! As for my weapon of choice, I'll take a sword as well. It doesn't run out of ammo. As long as you still have your arms, you're good to go. :)

    1. Same here! Another advantage to swords is they're silent. :)

  4. That Christopher Walken mask is classic!! I love your finds.