Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Review and Giveaway

I'm crazy about candelabras and anything mini,
so when I saw this I knew I had to have it.
Now thanks to Baron Bob I do!

My Review

Box Contains:
- Candelabra (2 Pieces)
- 9 White Candles
- Instruction Sheet

Assembly is a snap, literally!
The top and bottom snap together securely.

The candles also fit snugly into their slots.
When turned upside down, none fell out.

I've decided to let the candelabra live on my antique toy piano
(which I'm planning to paint soon) till I have a cake to put it on.
In order to do so though, 
I had to hack this pick off the bottom...

Actually my brother did it, cause I'm a weakling.
(I also don't trust myself with sharp objects.)
He used wire cutters and it came off in 2 snips.

Now I can have my candelabra on my cake,
AND my toy piano too!
(I'll post pics of it once it's painted, promise!)

Anyway, I highly recommend this fun, fancy little item.
You can get 20% off your order now too with code FIRST20!
(I may take advance of that, cause I need a weenie martini!)

They're also giving away this!


  1. Oh man! That candelabra is too cool!!!! I need a ton of them just to stick in random things. :)
    also, here's my fb group you might enjoy:

    1. Isn't it?! I want more of them too!

      Thanks for the invite, but I'm already in the group! lol.
      I've just been lurking, enjoying all the posts.
      I shall introduce myself soon! :)

  2. i like, but alas i am a dude... so i have to man it up my response... that rocks.

  3. Thank's for the cool review Holly! is running a coupon code for 16% off in case anyone wants to pick up the Cake Candelabra. The coupon code is the word "LUSH"