Friday, February 24, 2012

Lord Nut Levington Giveaway

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I'm honored to introduce you to Lord Nut Levington!

While he may be fictional (shhh…don’t tell him that) he is on,
what he believes to be a life threatening mission,
to lead the Taste Resistance and take a stand against bland.
Join Lord Nut in the mission to liberate our taste buds from a flavorless existence. Jumpstart your taste buds back to life with Lord Nut Levington’s flavor packed peanuts that of course, contain no artificial flavors or colors…all in flavor, say YES!

There are six zany and zesty flavors,
which you can read reviews of here.

 Since fancy nuts seemed perfect to serve at a Mad Tea Party,
I jumped at the chance to join this great group giveaway!
(Thanks for the invite, Jessica! ♥)

For a chance to win ALL of the flavors,
just follow the Rafflecopter rules below.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Immortality to Insanity

A toast to the 36 fangtastic folks who attended the V. Day Soiree!
I was blown away by all the love and support I/the event received.
(Especially since I did this last year and was the only participant! lol.)
Now that I know others are into it, I'll definitely do it again next year.
I also want to let you know that I read and enjoyed all of your posts!

And now, the winner of the V. Day Giveaway is...

Alexandriaweb of Queens of the Wild Frontier
Please email me your address and I'll pass it on to BaronBob.

(BaronBob kindly sent me a cake candelabra too, which I'll review soon!)

Anyway, I've decided to switch the subject from immortality to insanity.
One reason for this (and also for my absence here),
was seeing Emilie Autumn in Maryland last Friday!
The Asylum experience is what I hope to recreate here.
So I hereby decree, March (and the end of Feb.) will be Madness Month!
And yes, we shall have a Mad Tea Party!

Emilie's Bloody Crumpets ♥_♥
Photo taken by my friend Forrest of

We can't have a Mad Tea Party without a Mad Hatter though!
Are you mad enough for the job? Find out how to apply here.

You can also enter a nutty giveaway going on here!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Vampire's Day Soiree and Giveaway!

I bid you welcome,
and Happy Vampire's Day!
Thanks so much for joining me!
I hope you're hungry?
Please have a seat!

Here's a song to listen to while we eat:

Dig in, my darklings!

Here's close-ups of the items on the table:

The main dish, a human heart, pierced with a chopstake!

Chateau du Vampire wine

Beautiful bloody white rose

Last but not least, my Cupid candle holder!

And for dessert, a delicious Bag O' Blood Candy
Which one of you can win from,
(the bloody best gift shop!)
Along with His & Hers Dental Floss,
to floss your fangs with after feasting!

How To Enter:

♥ Like or Follow BaronBob on Facebook or Twitter,
and thank them for the sweet giveaway!

♥ Comment here with your Name and Email Address.

I'll pick a winner randomly on Thursday, Feb. 16th.

If you haven't, go mingle with the other guests, and have fun!
You can listen to these sanguinary love songs while you do so:

(This is just the beginning. I'll be making a post with more vampire songs soon.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Vampire's Day Party Planning

Thanks to everyone who's attending the Sanguinary Soiree!
Together we'll take Valentine's Day away from stupid Cupid!

This isn't an Anti-Valentine's Day event though.
It's an Alternative one.
For people who prefer love at first bite!

Anyway, party preparations are underway!
Here's what I'm working on:

♥ Preparing a bloody, beautiful place-setting.
Which I'll photograph and post,
so it'll appear you're attending a real meal!

♥ Compiling songs for a party playlist.
Have any suggestions?
They should be songs about love and death,
and vampires, of course!

♥ Looking for gory gifts to give away.
Want to donate an item?
Let me know, please!

In conjunction with the giveaway(s),
I'd like to raise funds for Bat World.
Why? This rap by Robin Williams (you read that right!)
as Batty from FernGully (my favorite bat!) will explain...

(The sound is soft at the beginning, but gets louder at :34)

How could someone not want to help bats after watching that?!
And since bats are associated with vampires, it's a perfect time!

I might also do a vampire trivia game.
If everyone promises not to cheat with Google!