Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mad (As a Hatter) Model Competition

Are you Mad as a Hatter? Prove it!

Submit your kookiest, spookiest photo for a chance to be Mad Model of the Month!

Your photo will be featured here and in a 2013 calendar!
(Which I'll create at the end of the year,
unless the world ends before then!)
We'll also have a vote then to choose the Maddest Model,
who will get to grace the cover and win a customized hat!

This competition isn't solely based on looks though.
Your personality is just as important.
So, I want to know
Who Are YOU?
Tell me by answering these questions, please:

Name: You may use a Screen Name.
Age: Optional. I'm just Curious.
Location: Real and/or Web Address.
Likes: What Are You Mad About?
Dislikes: What Makes You Mad?

And every competition must have rules,
(sadly), so here they are:

- No nudity.

- A collage with several shots is acceptable,
as long as they're in ONE photo.

- Semi/Professional photos are preferred.

- Seasonal shots are a plus.
(i.e. In snow for Jan. and sand for July.)

- Please put "I'm Mad!" as the subject when submitting

I'm accepting entries for Mr./Ms. Januscary till the end of the month.
(You can enter after then for Mr./Ms. Februscary.)
Then we will have a vote to choose the winner!

I've decided to cancel the calendar project,
since there didn't seem to be enough interest.
I'll be doing this competition in March though,
so those who were interested can still enter!

The rules are the same, except it doesn't have to be a seasonal shot.


  1. No nudity... No rabbits out of their hats... huh! great idea lady...

  2. Yes, it is a great idea. I wish I had time to enter! I just stopped by to TAG you! You're it!

    1. Thanks! You can enter after the deadline, to be in the running for Ms. Februscary! :)
      And ooh, thanks for the tag!

  3. This is so freakin' cool! I might have to try to figure out how to make my own hat so I can enter the Ms. Februscary since my birthday is in February. :D

    1. Thank you! And yes, please do!
      You don't need a hat, just mad style! :)

  4. hey... my mental cart was full this month, i didn't get a chance to find my inner rabbit...

    1. Hey! It's okay. I'll be accepting entries all year, so you have plenty of time to find your wascally wabbit!

  5. in going through my saved image files ...I found a couple of other images of this model.... I really like the one with the knife and the small Pumpkin...

  6. I just posted a "shout out" about your calender project.....

    1. Thanks so much for the shout out!
      I'd love to see more of this model! Does he have a site?
      I just found the above image on a site with Mad Hatters.

  7. I've just found your blog and this post, it sounds like fun so I'm so sorry to hear that there weren't enough submissions, but I would love to enter in March! ^^

    1. Thanks for your interest! I'll be posting details soon!

  8. Hey, I'd love to submit, but when I click the link that says "submit" it says that the client is not properly installed?

    Is there a different e-mail or means I can use to send you my entry? :3

    1. Hey! This contest was canceled actually, sorry. :\
      You can still send your entry though and I'll feature it in a fashion post on Friday! :)
      My e-mail address is

      There's also another photo submission contest posted here: