Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Things To Do With Your Horrorday Dough

Happy New Year, My Dears!
Thanks to my brother & The Mistress,
I had a very scary Christmas!

I got the Movie Macabre Xmas DVD set,
and the show's theme on vinyl!
(A bottle of Macabrenet would complete this picture. ;)

That's enough about me though.
On to the point of this post!

Here are ways to help others,
while getting stuff for yourselves!

They're awesome! And for each sticker sold,
50 cents is donated to Scares That Care!  

♥ You can also buy STC! merch and more in their Store!
♥ Or give on their Friday the 13th $5 Donation Day,
for a chance to win some sweet stuff!
Including this:

[Bat not included, sadly, but you can adopt him here.]
50% of the money for the bands goes to Bat World!
♥ You can also buy bat goods on their site & CafePress.

The metal band Reason already made the sick song,
they just need a kickass video to accompany it.
By aiding their artistic endeavour (via link above pic),
you'll be rewarded with music, merch, and more!

 Speaking of Toxie,
doesn't he bare a striking resemblance to Jason?


  1. got no horror-bucks... i can make a wicked cupcake with the regular dough. happy new year... and yes there is a good resemblance between toxie and jason... who would win in a fight?


  2. What Holiday Cash??? ...I did manage to get the head to complete my Mad Hatter (1960's Batman) to complete this 12 inch figure ..... When you are in the poverty range.... you are much more thankful for that which you do obtain....
    We wish you the best in all things in 2012
    ....the Doctor

  3. Jeremy - Happy New Year to you too! Again lol.
    They should duke it out at the Fright Club and we'll see!
    I'm betting on Jason though. How about you?

    Doc - I'm glad you were able to complete your figure. I love him!
    And thank you! I hope 2012 is a better year for you too!