Saturday, January 28, 2012

You're Invited to a Sanguinary Soiree!

I hope you'll join me in making this an epic,
annual event, like the Blogger Zombie Walk!
It'll work the same way.
Just make a vampire related post on V. Day.
At the end of your post,
direct your readers here.
I'll have a list of attendees to mingle with.
The point is to meet friends and have fun!

How do you get on this list?
Simply comment with the following info:

Your Name:
Blog Name:
Blog Address:

And please post this beautiful button,
made by the amazing Retro-Zombie!

You can also participate in party planning here!


Emma of Little Gothic Horrors

Lilia Tombs of Horror Shock Lolipop

Nicole of Artwork By Living Dead Girl Nicole

Lorelei Bell of Lorelei's Muse

Lady Bethezda of Bethezda's Preoccupations

Justine of Justine's Halloween

Jason of HalloweenOverkill

Jeremy [Retro Zombie] of iZombieLover

Althea of Blue Sky Gazing

Jen of Zombies are Magic!

Pensive Pumpkin of Pensive Pumpkin

Greg of Rise and Fight

Matt of Spooky Halloween Arts

Dalestair Kidd of The Nightmares of Zodiac

Sary Walrus of The Walrus Room

Amy of The Ultimate Goth Guide

Charlotte of Lady Charlotte's House of Delirium

Alexandria Web of Queens of the Wild Frontier

Annie Walls of Annie Walls

Cayce of Fighting Dreamer

Luna of Turkce Gotik

Jessica of The Halloween Ladybug

Sheridan of The Zombie Moshpit

VictorianKitty of Sophistique Noir Gothic Fashion Blog

Jo of Time Is Poisoned

Niamh of Thoughts Of Smashed Doll

S. L. Hennessy of Pensuasion

Amber of The Aspiring Goth

DuskRose of The Midnight Ballroom

Carolin the HouseCat of Domesticated Goth

Lynoire of Milking The Rolling Cow

Angie of Lariats and Lavender

Chris of The Toxic Void

Mira of Detectives and Dragons

Nightwind of The Gothic Embrace

Alastair of App'y Talk

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mad (As a Hatter) Model Competition

Are you Mad as a Hatter? Prove it!

Submit your kookiest, spookiest photo for a chance to be Mad Model of the Month!

Your photo will be featured here and in a 2013 calendar!
(Which I'll create at the end of the year,
unless the world ends before then!)
We'll also have a vote then to choose the Maddest Model,
who will get to grace the cover and win a customized hat!

This competition isn't solely based on looks though.
Your personality is just as important.
So, I want to know
Who Are YOU?
Tell me by answering these questions, please:

Name: You may use a Screen Name.
Age: Optional. I'm just Curious.
Location: Real and/or Web Address.
Likes: What Are You Mad About?
Dislikes: What Makes You Mad?

And every competition must have rules,
(sadly), so here they are:

- No nudity.

- A collage with several shots is acceptable,
as long as they're in ONE photo.

- Semi/Professional photos are preferred.

- Seasonal shots are a plus.
(i.e. In snow for Jan. and sand for July.)

- Please put "I'm Mad!" as the subject when submitting

I'm accepting entries for Mr./Ms. Januscary till the end of the month.
(You can enter after then for Mr./Ms. Februscary.)
Then we will have a vote to choose the winner!

I've decided to cancel the calendar project,
since there didn't seem to be enough interest.
I'll be doing this competition in March though,
so those who were interested can still enter!

The rules are the same, except it doesn't have to be a seasonal shot.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Undead Dating

I thought this video was not only amusing but appropriate,
since it's Friday the 13th and the dreaded V. Day is on the way.
(Though it will be Vampire's Day here! More on that soon.)

I understand that sexy beast Jason's frustration.
I joined a dating site recently too (for shits & giggles),
and was told my zombie photos were inappropriate!
So they deleted them! I was like wtf?!
That's discrimination. I should sick P.E.T.Z. on them!
Nah, I'll let it go.
Since there's plenty of dating sites for the undead.
As you can see:

Zombie Connect


Zombie Passions

(Well, three! Heh.)

Anyway, Happy Jason Day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Good Things To Do With Your Horrorday Dough

Happy New Year, My Dears!
Thanks to my brother & The Mistress,
I had a very scary Christmas!

I got the Movie Macabre Xmas DVD set,
and the show's theme on vinyl!
(A bottle of Macabrenet would complete this picture. ;)

That's enough about me though.
On to the point of this post!

Here are ways to help others,
while getting stuff for yourselves!

They're awesome! And for each sticker sold,
50 cents is donated to Scares That Care!  

♥ You can also buy STC! merch and more in their Store!
♥ Or give on their Friday the 13th $5 Donation Day,
for a chance to win some sweet stuff!
Including this:

[Bat not included, sadly, but you can adopt him here.]
50% of the money for the bands goes to Bat World!
♥ You can also buy bat goods on their site & CafePress.

The metal band Reason already made the sick song,
they just need a kickass video to accompany it.
By aiding their artistic endeavour (via link above pic),
you'll be rewarded with music, merch, and more!

 Speaking of Toxie,
doesn't he bare a striking resemblance to Jason?