Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creepmas Continues!

Since I wasn't able to post everything I had planned,
I'll be celebrating Creepmas here till Christmas!

I've also extended the deadline for the Creepmas Contest to Sunday.
So, get your entries in to win these Sweet Monstrosities:
Jason (with detachable Santa hat) Scare Bow
and Axmas Earrings
(Both handmade with love by me)

[Sorry the prizes are on the girly side, guys.
You'll also get the Goth Coloring Book though!]

Anyway, since the Witches Yuletide Ball was the other day,
I thought I'd share this fitting episode of Gumby:

And a greeting from my favorite fictitious witch,
Samantha from Bewitched ♥


  1. Cool Christmas post... keep up the great work ....the Doctor

  2. girlie stuff... though great stuff. i am still thinking of a tat to share... hope all is well lady friend. merry creepmas.


  3. I made a batch of Creepmas posts today and some Ozzy... Check it out and Enjoy....Happy Horrordays
    ,,,your friend ...the Doctor

  4. Dear Dr. Theda - Thank you! Happy Horrordays to you too!
    I'm loving all your posts, especially the music videos!

    Julie - Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful witchy Christmastime too!

    Jeremy - Thank you! I can't wait to see your tattoo!
    And Merry Creepmas to you too, my best blogger buddy!
    I'm just about done with my Christmas shopping and crafting, so I'll be back to blogging soon!

  5. Thanks, Matt! I wish I could say I made it, but I got it from the brilliant Bewitched blog!