Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creepmas Contest: Deck Your Skin to Win!

Want to win a Goth coloring book 

Here's all you have to do:

Draw a Creepmas Tattoo

[Bonus points if it's on you]

Then send a pic of it to

Deadline: December 18th

This contest was inspired by Comforting Skin,
an upcoming film about a girl with a living tat!

Comforting Skin - trailer 1 from Justin James on Vimeo


  1. wow...this looks like a very creepy film. lookin' forward to watching this.

  2. This seems like an awesome contest!

    And the trailer is very creepy! I'd love to see the full version!

  3. I was talking to Slowdeath about this film a while back. It reminds me of an episode of the X-Files with a living tattoo that was taunting its wearer into killing. Jodie Foster voiced the tattoo.

  4. gar can i use crayons... great trailer.
    hope all is s-well!

  5. Pam - Doesn't it? I don't even have a tat and it made my skin crawl!

    Zena - Thanks! I can't wait to see your design!
    And I'm anxiously awaiting the full film too!

    Emma - Ooh, I've never seen that episode.
    I'll try to find it online, cause it sounds delightfully creepy!
    Especially with Jodie Foster as the tat's voice.

    Jeremy - Sure! Crayons and markers are fine.
    I'm you can come up with something zombtastic!
    Things have been hectic here, but good!
    Hope things are going okay your way!

  6. Oh how cool! I hope you are going to post some entries (fingers crossed). I can't draw or I would try :)

  7. BeWitchy - Thanks! Yep, I'll definitely post the entries.
    And aw, you should enter! I don't judge on drawing skills, just the design. :)