Monday, August 29, 2011

"You're gonna need a bigger boat"

We're shark free (hopefully!) but us East Coasters have experienced difficulties.
An earthquake (my first) and a hurricane in the same week! It's been insane!
Though I can't complain. No one here was harmed. Hope you all are okay?!

Anyway, I have much to do, including passing on blog awards to some of you!
But first, since sharks are on my mind, 
I must share this birthday card of mine...

It plays the Jaws theme and inside it says:
"Don't Look Now... It's another Birthday... And it's Headed Right at YOU!"

Best card ever from the best cousin ever! ♥
(The Birds card was equally awesome though!)

Also check out this badass bathing suit...

Look out Ariel!!!!

It was made by Black Milk, but it's no longer for sale, sadly.

Want more Jaws goodness?
Then swim on over to Totally Jinxed and check out her tribute here!
(Be sure to wish her a happy belated birthday too!)


  1. I'm loving that bathing suit! Not sure if it would look as good on me though lol.

  2. I doubt it'd look that good on me either. Plus it was way too pricey for a cheapo like me! lol.

  3. Oh, that card is brilliant! It would be perfect for my Dad's birthday!!

    I do love the "Jaws" movie, but I am absolutely terrified of sharks. Of course, I live in Australia, and we're surrounded by them!!

    I hope "Irene" is not causing you too many problems!

  4. You can buy the card for your Dad here!
    (I actually used their photo, cause I'm lazy. *hangs head*)

    I don't blame you. The beach is a pretty scary place.
    Besides sharks, there's the potential threat of sand monsters! lol.

    Thanks! Irene didn't cause too much trouble here.
    Lost power a few times over the weekend. Not for long though, thankfully!

  5. Thanks so much for the link!

    And I know what you mean about those pesky sand monsters!!!!

  6. I Want the swimming costume though my kids wouldn't like it lol.

  7. Little Gothic Horrors - You're quite welcome!

    Jinx - Yay! I'm glad. Happy Birthday, again!

    Lisa - They're fans of The Little Mermaid, eh?
    I feel a bit sorry for poor Ariel too! lol.

  8. LOVE that bathing suit! Although with my boyfriend's fear of sharks, I doubt he'd come anywhere near me with that on lol

  9. Real Queen - Isn't it?! Nice to know stores sell birthday cards for us horror fanatics. :)

    Lissa - Lol. I bet it'd scare a slew of beach goers too, which makes me want it even more! lol.