Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price

Lucille Ball and Vincent Price not only share a birth year,
they also shared scenes in this episode of Here's Lucy...

You can watch the whole hilarious episode (in two parts) here!

[Fact: Vincent Price and Desi Arnaz Jr. also starred in House of the Long Shadows (1983)]

This post is in honor of Lucille Ball's birthday,
which would've been Saturday, August 6th.
Happy 100th! ♥
Zombie Lucy by Shannon Lynch


  1. Oh, how funny! It was crazy to see those two together. This was actually my first time watching The Lucy Show. I like the I Love Lucy show a lot, though. You'll get to see my favorite Lucy episode in an upcoming blog entry, if I ever get that posted!

  2. Lucille Ball was such a great comedienne. Great style, great hair!

  3. Justine - Same here. I've seen every I Love Lucy episode. The one you posted is one of my favorites too!
    But I've only seen a few episodes of The Lucy Show. And I never even heard of her two later shows till recently.
    Lucille was a busy lady into the 80's!

    Mrs Munster - Indeed! It's amazing how she was able to do physical comedy while still looking fabulous!

  4. Really? Every episode? You must have the DVD set! You know what's funny? I realized after writing my comment that you'd posted a clip from "Here's Lucy" and not "The Lucy Show". That shows how unfamiliar I am with "Here's Lucy" because I didn't even know that show existed! I guess she had a lot of projects. As it happens, I watched a Lucy and Desi movie last night. It was "The Long, Long Trailer" from 1954. It had a few goofy parts, but overall I'd suggest skipping it. :)

  5. for you

  6. Justine - Maybe not every episode, but most! :)
    I don't own the DVD set yet, sadly.
    And I hadn't heard of "Here's Lucy" till recently either.
    Ooh, I remember "The Long, Long Trailer!" Think I have it on VHS somewhere.

    Nicole - Thanks so much for the award! :)

  7. Lucille Ball and Vincent Price both were so cool & talented.

    I'm loving the zombie picture too. :)

  8. Real Queen of Horror - I agree completely!

    I'm glad you dug the zombie picture too. :)

  9. Where you mention a video of the Here's Lucy episode "Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price ", there's a message that says "This video is unavailable " instead of the video itself. Why was the video removed from your blog? No one wants to watch "This video is unavailable " when they're expecting to see "Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price "on Here's Lucy. Yours truly, Margaret Garnto.