Sunday, July 3, 2011

Halloween In July ~ Costume Contest / Giveaway!

Help me celebrate my birthday by posting a photo of you in your best costume!

Don't have a blog or unable to post that day? That's okay!
Send your photo to me at anytime before July 22.

Everyone who posts/sends a photo will be entered to win a gory goody bag!
Which I'm in the process of putting together.
(Want to donate a Halloweeny item? Email me!)

How the contest will go:

I'll post the photos by July 25th.
You vote for your favorite till the 29th.
Then I'll add up all the votes,
and announce the winner by July 31st!



  1. Oh wow ~ I don't even know which costume to choose! I'll give this some thought and send out a tweet about your contest.

    Love the zombie presidents. :) I recognized Reagan straight away, and then Nixon, but I can't place the other two. If I had to guess, I'd say Kennedy is in the front and Carter in the back?

  2. This is my entry :) I am the one in the blonde wig dressed like Baby Firefly.. my husband is the dancing Dr Satan at the bottom ha ha

    this is from my blog post here..

  3. Justine - I can't wait to see the costume you choose!
    Thanks for the tweet! You're so sweet. :)

    There's also monster presidents figures!
    I think it's Kennedy in front and Lincoln behind him, judging by the beard. :)

    Nicole - Thanks for entering! You make a lovely Baby. :)

    Loving your post too. That's so awesome that you met the Zombies!

  4. Oh, how funny! I love Wolfman Bill. :) Oh, Lincoln is in back! Haha, how did I miss the beard? You must have thought I was weird guessing that was Carter!

  5. I can't wait to see every ones costumes!I don't have a costume so I can't enter! Maybe if one falls in to my lap in the next day, I'll snap a picture! I hope you have an awesome Birthday Holly!

    I received my Toxic Teddy by the way! I posted a picture, it's so cool.

  6. Justine - Nah, zombies aren't easy to distinguish!
    I'm loving your latest posts by the way!

    L - Thanks so much for the birthday wish!
    Hopefully you can put a costume together by the 22nd!
    You could use it for the Strange Kids Club's contest too!
    Thanks for posting about it by the way! I'm going to enter.

    I'm glad your Toxic Teddy arrived safely. It looks awesome!

  7. I can't wait to see what costume you put together! Yeah if I can get a costume together I'll submit it too.

    4 more days until my Monster in My Pocket cards giveaway deadline! It's looking like only you and Justine entered, hah! Guaranteed win! Maybe I'll send you over a Bday present with your win. :)

  8. I have lots of costume ideas, just have to decide on one! heh.

    I'm surprised more people haven't entered, but glad I'm winning!
    And aw, that'd be sweet! The cards are enough though. :)