Friday, July 22, 2011

Costume Party Over Here!

The Contestants....

Living Dead Girl Nicole as a bloody beautiful Baby Firefly

Halloween Queen Justine as a pretty Pirate

The Real Queen of Horror as a sweet School Ghoul

I've decided to extend the contest through the weekend.
So, you have till Monday the 25th to send your photos in!

Then I'll post a poll for you all to vote for your favorite entry.

UPDATE: The contest is open till Friday the 29th at 11:59 PM.
Winner will be selected randomly and announced by July 31st!


  1. I love it! They look great

  2. Nicole - Indeed! As you can see, I extended the deadline, again! lol.
    And decided to skip the voting and pick a winner randomly. Good luck!

    L - I agree! Got your email btw. Can't wait to get the cards! Thanks again!

  3. Nope! You can still send a photo in to
    Can't wait to see your costume! Thanks for the follow btw! :)

  4. Yay! Done. Thank you. :)

    And it's no problem, thank you for following back!

  5. Thanks for entering! Love your outfit and sweet slash! :)
    I'll be drawing and announcing the winner Sunday. Good luck!

    No problem! Both you and your blog seem awesome!

  6. Yay! The Real Queen of Horror is in on the action! I'm glad to see more of a response to this contest. :)

  7. Dang I missed this by a day! Good luck to all the fab contestants!

  8. Yay!! Thank yoooou, I'm glad I found Holly's blog. ^_^

  9. Justine - Thank you! Me too. :) Good luck!

    Kweeny Todd - Aw, I'm sorry you missed it.
    There's always next time though! I try to do a contest/giveaway each month.
    Thank you for the follow btw! :)

    Real Queen of Horror - No prob! I'm glad you did too. ^___^
    Yay for new blog buddies!

  10. I'm glad more people responded to this contest too! I wish I had a costume! Although Halloween is in a couple months, maybe I should start getting ready for it!

  11. Cool! I'm sure I'll be more up for the next one. Glad I found you! You're blog is fun. :)

  12. L - Thank you! And yes, it's never too early to start planning!
    I got the cards btw! :D Haven't opened them yet,
    but going to right after I announce the winner!

    Kweeny - Thank you! Your blog seems fiendishly fun too! :)