Sunday, July 10, 2011

Celebrate Halloween In July by Making a Jack-O'-Melon!

All you need is a watermelon, 
a carving knife,
and an ice cream scoop.

To create something as cute as this...
Made by Matt at

As creepy as this...
Made by Zog at
[An ultrasonic fog maker with LED is hidden inside.]

Or as complex as this...
 Bat-O'-Melon from

[Looking for something to do with the watermelon guts?
That site has a slew of sweet recipes too!]

Melon Brain!


  1. Oh, I love these photos! I'm going to have to send out a tweet about this. :) I don't think I've ever seen a carved watermelon before. Are you planning to try this?

  2. I love Zog's Melon. It's so cool!

  3. Justine - I knew you'd love them too! :) Thanks for the tweet!
    I may have my aunt make one for me, since she's a pro watermelon basket maker!

    L - That one is my favorite too! Love the spooky smoke effect!

  4. Really brilliant photos and ideas. Think I'll have to steal the LED lights idea for this year's pumpkin though. Cheers.

  5. Glad you were inspired, Anthony! I may steal that idea too!