Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poe Party and Giveaway Winner Announcement

Sorry for my absence here lately. I haven't felt like doing anything, 
except veg out watching horror flicks. I blame the bloody heat!
I must get my rear in gear to attend this event though...

They're opening a special exhibit recreating a scene from the story.
Could it be the pendulum from the Vincent Price film? I hope so!
I even bought this Vincent Price cameo necklace for the occasion...

And now without further ado,
the winner of the Ghoul Gift Giveaway is...

Just send your address to,
and I'll pass it and your choice of gift on to Baron Bob!

Thank you to Bob and everyone who entered!
Stay tuned for another giveaway soon!


  1. No way! I have to be the luckiest guy in the world, that's so awesome. I so want a Toxic Teddy! Thanks for reppin' the Lawliet logo too, heh.

    The Poe Museum sounds like a lot of fun, I can't wait to hear all about it. Which reminds me, there is a great Poe pc game called The Dark Eye if you can't get enough of him after the museum!

  2. Hey Holly! Yeah, I figured you'd gone on vacation, since I hadn't seen any updates for a while. I LOVE the Vincent necklace! I am actually now the proud owner of a Vincent pin that I'll be blogging about today. :)

    OMG The Midnight Brood wins again! Congratulations! I'm starting to think you ARE the luckiest guy in the world. Just look at the cool font you were given here as well! ;)

  3. L - You deserve the good luck, cause you're awesome!
    Just like Mr. Lawliet. :)
    I passed your info on to Baron Bob btw,
    so your Toxic Teddy will soon be on it's way!

    I missed the event. :(
    I found photos from it that I'll post though.
    And I'll definitely check out that Poe game!

    Justine - Hey! Nope, just slacking.
    I LOVE that necklace and shop too! They had a sale,
    so I also got a Michael Myers ring and Beetlejuice bow!
    And I checked out your post, that pin is awesome! So are the others.
    Loving all your latest posts btw!
    I'll be commenting on them soon.

    Yes! The Midnight Brood is winning more than Charlie Sheen! lol.
    Thanks again for tweeting about the giveaway!
    My next one won't involve Facebook, promise. :)

  4. A Beetlejuice bow? That I want to see! I'm imagining it as being black and white striped?

    Yes, I love my new little Vincent pin. :) Thanks for your compliment on my blog! For whatever reason, I've had lots of ideas swimming around in my head for blog posts lately. I must be having some kind of active brain time. :) I look forward to reading your thoughts on my recent posts!

    More winning than Charlie Sheen. hehe Yeah, I don't like what that man did to the word "winning" Ah well. Cool! I look forward to your next giveaway!

  5. Indeed, with Beetlejuice on it! :) Behold!

    You're welcome! I've finally been struck with post ideas too. :)
    About to write one now. Then I shall get to commenting!

    Yeah, it's kind of sickening how he profited off that word.
    The giveaway will be Halloween themed too, so I know you'll appreciate it. :)

  6. LOVE IT! That bow is too fun. I could see myself doing a little shopping in this Etsy store...

    I'm excited to read the new posts that are rattling around in your head! :) I have an interesting one planned for today, if I have time to write it. Speaking of my blog, thanks for your recent comments! I just saw those this morning and replied on the posts.

    Yeah, I'm afraid he's all together sickening, although not without many fans for some reason!

    Awesome! I can't wait to see the giveaway! :)