Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Pit and the Pendulum

You can view photos from the event at The Poe Museum here.
Which sadly I missed. So, let's have our own Viddy Pitty Party!

Not familiar with the story by my homeboy Poe?
Then get educated by this rap, yo!

Now here's the story superbly performed by Vincent Price,
in Act Four of An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe (1972)

And last but not least, I present The Pendulum, The Pit and Hope (1983) 
By one of my favorite filmmakers, Jan Svankmajer.

There's also a Ray Harryhausen claymation version, but I couldn't find it online.
You can buy it on DVD though! (It's on my wish list.)


  1. Viddy Pitty Party - Ha! I enjoyed the slide show. Were those pendulum shaped cookies? Those look like something I would bake. :)

    I had low expectations for the Poe rap, but that was actually pretty cool and catchy! It's good to see that fire font being used again too! I bet Poe would have loved seeing his work updated for a modern audience. His art is kept alive by constant adaptations. Very cool.

    Of course, I loved the Vincent Price clip. He comes off as almost a Shakespearean actor in this. The way his voice hangs on every disturbing word adds a lot.

    Fun blog post! I'll have to send out at tweet linking to this today.

  2. I have to agree with Justine "Viddy Pitty Party" That is brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing with the rest of us that were not there are so thoughtful that way :)


  3. Jan Svankmajer is the man. I loved the different adaptations you've chosen, didn't expect a rap song in the mix but that just means I'm getting old! Awesome post Holly!

  4. Justine - Glad you enjoyed! And yep, they were!
    I want to bake some now too. :)

    Same here. I mainly posted the rap for laughs, but it's actually good!
    Hopefully Poe would approve.

    Indeed. Vincent really put his heart and soul into that performance.

    Thank you! Thanks for tweeting about it too. :)

    The Frog Queen - Thank you! Glad you guys got that. :)

    And no problem! That's what I'm here for. ;)

    L - That's awesome that you're a Jan fan! Yes, he is the man.
    And don't feel old! I'm not a rap fan either.
    Just threw it in for shits and giggles.
    And thank you! Glad you dug my selections. :)