Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm baaack...

...For your braaains!

Just kidding. Don't run away!
I actually bought some bite sized brains, which you'll see in my next entry.
(Along with a giveaway! :)

Now in recognition of International Lolita Day and Skull Appreciation Day,
(which were both yesterday,) behold my lovely lolified skully buddy & I!

"Collect the heads of little girls and put 'em on my wall,
Hack the heads off little girls and put 'em on my wall."

Speaking of skull collections,
I plan to check out Gallery 5's 100+ Skulls Exhibition,
when/if I get to Richmond to visit the Poe Museum.


  1. knock, knock...
    who's there...
    that's my skull

    i love skulls, i am working with new art to be revealed later. glad you are back, i am not quite on top of things... what else is new... hope all is well, and the world is treating you right.

  2. Finally your zombie picture! Eek! That's pretty convincing. Were you zombified for Halloween or just for fun?

    I had no idea that it was Lolita day yesterday! I like the skull in the bonnet. :) Lolita dresses are so fun! I'd love to wear one, although I'm not sure where I would wear it!

  3. Jeremy - Yay for skull love! I can't wait to see your new artwork.
    And thanks! :) Glad to be back, and able to comment!
    I have lots of catching up to do now.
    Did you get my email btw?

    Justine - Thanks! I'm surprised it turned out so well.
    Since it was my first time doing zombie makeup.
    And it was just for fun/practice. :)
    The following Halloween I was a zombie nurse!
    Maybe I'll post that pic too.

    There's two Lolita Days actually! The first Saturday in June and December.
    (To show off your summer and winter wear. :)
    You can wear Lolita dresses anywhere, but I'm not really comfortable doing that either.
    I usually just wear my outfits to Lolita meetups/tea parties.
    There hasn't been any lately though, sadly.
    So, I'm selling some of my wardrobe here. (Adding more soon.)
    Let me know if you'd like anything, I'll give you a deal! :)

  4. gar... my mr. email has been bombed and full the last couple of weeks/days... i am still clearing out, please resend... mi dear!
    happy skulls monday!


  5. Yeah, it's fun to be theatrical just for the heck of it! We only get Halloween for one day a year after all. :) Oh, I'd like to see your zombie nurse pic. I was some kind of scary, blood drenched nurse for Halloween when I was in college. That's kind of a disturbing image to put in my blog, but I could always share it via email!

    Oh, I never thought of Lolita winter wear. Is winter attire a fancy, laced coat over the dress? There are Lolita meetups and tea parties? That's so awesome! I'll have to check out the link to your Lolita wear. Are you familiar with La Carmina? She's a girl I ran into on twitter. She's Japanese and very into the Lolita culture! Here's a link to her blog: I actually blogged once about something I learned from her blog! It was the post about the Alcatraz ER restaurant.

  6. Very cool zombie picture. I love the black and white. It could’ve easily been taken from the original Night of the Living Dead!

  7. Jeremy - I shall send it again, my friend!

    Justine - I'd love to see your bloody nurse pic!
    Not sure if I'm going to post mine, but you can see it here. :)

    Yep, frilly coats and capes. And the meetups are usually awesome!
    I found my local Lolita group through this community.
    Yess, I love La Carmina! And I remember the post about that restaurant!
    The theme restaurants are one of the many reasons why I want to go to Japan! :)

    Giovanni - Thank you! That's what I was going for, a Karen Cooper look. :)

  8. Hey Holly! I'm getting back to you a little late, so hopefully you see this! Oh, I'll have to send my ghastly picture to you. :) Yours is quite scary, although I think I dumped on a lot more blood! (ruined a perfectly good white dress too) I also learned that year that a bloody nurse maybe isn't the most appropriate costume to hand candy out to the trick-or-treaters in...

    Yeah, La Carmina is awesome! It looks like she has so many adventures. I'd love to go to Japan too! Like you, one of the many reasons I'd like to go is the restaurants. I wish there were places like that here. Wouldn't La Carmina be an awesome tour guide? I bet she knows all the cool places to go!