Monday, June 13, 2011 Ghoul Gift Giveaway!

I'm proud to be partnered with these wonderfully wacky folks for this giveaway...

Baron Bob

Not only are they giving a gift to one of you, they kindly sent me one too!

I got these Finger Food plate rings, which my brain bites fit on perfectly!
As you can see....
Grey Matter Platter
(The brains aren't edible, sadly. They were crafted out of clay by glowreahhh!)

Here I am taunting a poor armless undead dude with them....

Baron Bob's sweet (literally, he contains candy!) mascot, 
Gary the Gift Box, also fits on the plate!

Now it's your turn to win a ghoul gift and a Gary of your own!

How To Enter:

1. "Like" Baron Bob's Facebook Page and say you were sent by Holly's Horrorland

2. Comment here telling me which item from the $10 & under section you'd like

Here's some zany brainy suggestions....

Ded Teddy, one of many Toxic Teddies!

Mystery Bargain Box, filled with five items equaling a $25 value!

Deadline: Next Monday, June 20th

Winner will be selected randomly.
And this is just for followers,
as a way to say thank you! ♥


  1. Hey Holly! I just liked BaronBob's Facebook and left a comment. Congrats on your finger food plate! The little armless zombie looked so cute drooling over those brains! hehe.

    Well I was wondering if The Shining Toxic Teddy was available? If not, I do like the Killer(machete bear) Toxic Teddy as well. They're so awesome!

  2. Big Fan of Baron Bob!!!!! Everything is so AWESOME one can't choose just one thing!!!

    I choose (If I am chosen) the mystery box!!!! I LOVE SURPRISES!!! Especially from Baron Bob!!!


  3. 1. Like? Check! Comment? Check!
    2. Mystery Box all the way, there are so many choices I couldn't pick one by myself.

  4. Hello! I've submitted on the Facebook page. I would have to choose the mystery box as well. I love surprises!!

  5. Aww...I'm the only person in the world who isn't on Facebook! Oh well, these are some great brains too. :) I'll be sure to send out a Tweet about your giveaway, though!

  6. L - Thank you! I think the little green guy is quite cute too. :)
    The Toxic Teddies are indeed awesome! I'll see if The Shining one is available.

    Jen, MarielysM, & cdles20 - Thanks for entering! Good choice! :)

    Justine - You can follow Baron Bob on Twitter instead.
    After you do, let me know what gift you'd like and I'll enter you. :)
    Thanks so much for the Tweet about the giveaway too!

  7. Liked it of course just for you my love :) Mystery box I do believe surprise are the bestest!

  8. Ashleypoo - Thank you! You're the bestest! :)

    I'll be selecting and announcing the winner soon!
    Sorry for the delay.