Thursday, May 26, 2011

Zombie of the Day: Justine

Justine of Justine's Halloween

Not only is she a gorgeous ghoul, she's talented too!
Check out her awesome artwork here!

Want to be the next Zombie of the Day?
Send a photo of your zombified self to

I'm unable to sign in to post comments at the moment.
(Anyone else having this problem?)
So, I'll reply to the comments on my last entry here:

Sean - I believe the Tarman figure is made by Amok Time.
I love Todd McFarlane's figures though!

Slowdeath77 - Wish I could attend Saturday Nightmares with you!
Anyone else going?
Be sure to take and post photos!


  1. Holly, Thanks for posting my zombie look and for your sweet comments. :) Thanks also for posting the link to my web site! I just blogged a little about this self portrait and more zombie goodness!

  2. No problem! I plan to purchase some of your Halloween art prints soon. :)
    And I want to go to Comic-Con even more after reading your entry!