Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poe and Price

That cake was served at the Poe Museum in Richmond,
during the opening of the Vincent Price Exhibit on May 26th.
(The day before his birthday.)

The exhibit displays rare memorabilia from Price's eleven Poe-themed films,
 as well as a casting of the last life mask made of Vincent before his death.
It will be open till August 26th.

I must venture there before then!

The Baltimore Poe Museum also paid tribute to Vincent with this video...
(Near the end you'll see shots of him visiting Poe's grave in 1977.)

The Vincentennial celebration will continue here all year!

Note: Since I'm still unable to post comments,
I'm taking a brief break till the issue is resolved.


  1. That would be wonderful exhibition to go and see. Our rottweiler is named after Vincent Price :)
    Btw, I had sam eproblem - not able to leave comments. I installed google crome and blog is working fine now.

  2. That cake is so cool! You should definitely check out the museum. If I lived nearby, I know I'd want to go there!

  3. Mrs Munster - You and your dog both have awesome names! :)
    And thank you so much for the advice!
    I installed google chrome and it also worked for me!
    (As you can see! ;)

    Justine - Indeed, too cool to eat! lol.
    I'm hoping to attend their June Unhappy Hour.
    If I do, I'll take plenty of pics to post! :)

  4. Thanks for posting this- it'll give me an excuse to head back to my hometown i n the next few weeks.

  5. No problem! If you go on the 23rd for the Pit and the Pendulum event, we could meet up. :)