Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet my Miznotic Fantasy!

CHIKA. She is a vampire-nurse.
She goes to the restaurant "FUMI" with the vampire-turtle, KAME TURTLE.
She only eats from the hidden menu.

KAME TURTLE. He gets near the people slowly,
then sucks up all the blood...

Photo by Emily Bee

(As you can see,
they're available in three varieties,
Peach, Mint, and Grape.)

I've been coveting this figure for years,

1. I love vamps
2. I love nurses
3. I love Junko!

So, when I found it for sale, I couldn't resist!

I also bought Mizuno's My Little Pony ♥

If you're not familiar with Junko Mizuno's work,
check out this video to learn more about her...