Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Collecting Cute Corpses

I'm a longtime lover of Living Dead Dolls, but only owned three.
(E. A. Poe & Annabel Lee (shown here), and mini Eggzorcist.)

Now I own six! Say hello to my new little fiends...

I was pleasantly surprised I was able to score them all on eBay for a reasonable price.
Here's close-ups and info on each doll:

Sadie - Series 1 

Watch this little one,
She's pining away,
With her Butcher's Knife,
Coffin Purse and Black Bouquet.

There's several variations of her, but I prefer the original.
Bride of Valentine - Series 3

She holds for you,
In her hand,
A Broken Heart,
That has been damned.

Probably my favorite LDD.

Elisa Day - Series 9

With a soft and sweet kiss,
Tears filled her eyes,
A figure of innocence,
That soon met her demise.

I had to own her after discovering she was based on this song/vid...

In LDD News:
 Series 21 - Things With Wings is available for pre-order now.
(I'm saving my money for the 13th Anniversary items though!)


  1. i am a dude and loved them all, they got kind of wacky at the end. i remember seeing the first set and saying this are so cool. i have "black and white Siren" somewhere in my house... in fact i have two...

    great duet song!

  2. That makes you awesome in my book! *high fives*
    Yeah, I guess they ran out of ideas.
    That's why I'm glad they're coming out with different stuff, like mini figures and plushes.
    And ooh, thinking of selling the extra Siren? I'll gladly take her off your hands. :)


  3. I've seen those dolls but don't owned any. The Elisa doll is pretty - aside from all the blood. :)

  4. That's what I liked about Elisa. Her sweet look.
    Some of the other dolls are kind of ugly. I go for the cuter corpses. :)

  5. These dolls are fantastic. I love the beauty/evil aspect of them. It's like they are a horror's answer to Blythe dolls.

  6. You're right. They're like Blythe dolls gone bad. :)

  7. I don't own any of them yet. I think there are Jason and Freddy ones in Spencer Gifts but they are ridiculously expensive. Congratulations on your ebay bargains.

  8. Thank you! Freddy is for sale here. :)
    I was going to get him, but decided to wait and get the NECA Freddy figures instead.
    I'm hoping they'll make Jason and Michael 12" figures too.

  9. I think they're lovely. I don't have any Living Dead Dolls or Begoths yet, but I'd like some one day. Some of the earlier dolls go for crazy money!