Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bad Barbies and Mini Monsters

First off, check out my blogger buddy Justine's list of horror Barbies here!
They're the only Mattel made ones I'm aware of, besides The Birds Barbie.

I've discovered some horrorific ones made by altered Barbie artists though!

Here are two of my favorites by Lavonne Salle:

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?


I also dig this Chucky Tommy doll by Charles Roark:

(Tommy is one of Barbie's sister Kelly's friends.)

Speaking of which,
Mattel makes Halloween Kellys and friends.
(All Target exclusives.)

Here's my collection:

Frankenstein Kayla and Bride Miranda
Originally sold in 2009, but I just bought them on eBay.

Bat Kelly with My Little Batsy, made by WendyPony
Bought both of them in 2008.

Vampire Tommy
Originally sold in 2001, but I didn't buy him till 08.

Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Friday, Friday!

Jason is taking his day back! (Though he'll have to wait till May to slay.)

Wish I thought of this first. Mike of My Rotting Brain is a genius!
Speaking of Jason, you can meet the men behind the mask at Monster Mania Con 18!
June 3 - 5 in Baltimore, MD. Which isn't too far from me! So, I might go. Are you?
If I do, I'm getting this Camp Crystal Lake Counselor tee to wear too!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Michael Gough Made Heads Roll!

In memory of Michael Gough, who passed away Thursday,
I decided to do a review of Horror Hospital (1973)

Certainly not his finest film, but it's one of my favorites.
(It also fits with the medical theme of my current contest.)

In my opinion, hospitals are the perfect settings for horror films.
They're scary even without a madman slashing through them.

Though Horror Hospital was actually shot at Knebworth House,
located in Hertfordshire, England.

In the film it's known as Brittlehurst Manor

(It's also Wayne Manor in Batman (1989),
in which Michael Gough played Alfred.)
Brittlehurst is advertised as a hip health retreat.
Jason (Robin Askwith) decides to go check it out,
 meeting up with Judy (Vanessa Shaw) on the way.
Upon arrival they discover the place is run by demented Dr. Storm (Michael Gough),
whose sidekick is an equally demented dwarf named Frederick (Skip Martin).

Instead of explaining the rest,
I'll let this song/video do the work for me....
(Warning: Contains spoilers and nakedness!)
As you can see, this film has something for everyone.
Horror, comedy, even romance. It's a horromcom!

"Just because it's a love story doesn't mean it can't have a decapitation or two."
- Robert Englund

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Collecting Cute Corpses

I'm a longtime lover of Living Dead Dolls, but only owned three.
(E. A. Poe & Annabel Lee (shown here), and mini Eggzorcist.)

Now I own six! Say hello to my new little fiends...

I was pleasantly surprised I was able to score them all on eBay for a reasonable price.
Here's close-ups and info on each doll:

Sadie - Series 1 

Watch this little one,
She's pining away,
With her Butcher's Knife,
Coffin Purse and Black Bouquet.

There's several variations of her, but I prefer the original.
Bride of Valentine - Series 3

She holds for you,
In her hand,
A Broken Heart,
That has been damned.

Probably my favorite LDD.

Elisa Day - Series 9

With a soft and sweet kiss,
Tears filled her eyes,
A figure of innocence,
That soon met her demise.

I had to own her after discovering she was based on this song/vid...

In LDD News:
 Series 21 - Things With Wings is available for pre-order now.
(I'm saving my money for the 13th Anniversary items though!)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Go Guro Giveaway!

[Guro is an abbreviation of gurotesuku, which means grotesque in Japanese.]

Miss Red Hood by Stuntkid ♥

In recognition of Red Cross Month and the release of Red Riding Hood,
I want to see you rocking some red! (Blood red, that is.)
Send your best bloody photo to me at

Don't already have such a photo?
Just break out the fake blood (or make some),
Smear it on yourself (or a friend), and snap a shot!

By submitting a photo you're entered to win the following:
 First Aid Kit -
Red Cross box filled with fashionable medical accessories,
(mask and eye patch) and a bunch of vintage bandages!

Pills filled with novelty toys.
(My kind of anti-depressants!)

Donating to the Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Fund will count as an extra entry.
(If you've done so, let me know!)

This is just for fun. I'm not judging the photos. Winner will be selected randomly.

Deadline for entries is March 31st.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day of the Dekker

Thomas Dekker was a guest on Elvira's Movie Macabre,
(which originally aired on Feb. 19th, but I didn't see it till today.)
Here are some scenes for those who missed it...

Cassandra (Elvira) also plays his mother in All About Evil (2010)

Have any of you seen it? I still haven't, sadly.
(30 bucks for a DVD is a bit pricey for a cheap bum like me.)

Also kicking myself for not going to the local showing last summer.
They toured the country, and the pre-shows sounded pretty sweet!
Especially the West Coast ones, since Thomas performed in them...

I rarely get crushes on younger celebrities, but I swoon over him.
Especially dressed as The Crow. ♥ Loving his song too!

I almost even endured the new Nightmare on Elm Street for him.

He also stars in From Within (2008) and Laid to Rest (2009)

To those who have see them, are they worth checking out?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Meet my Miznotic Fantasy!

CHIKA. She is a vampire-nurse.
She goes to the restaurant "FUMI" with the vampire-turtle, KAME TURTLE.
She only eats from the hidden menu.

KAME TURTLE. He gets near the people slowly,
then sucks up all the blood...

Photo by Emily Bee

(As you can see,
they're available in three varieties,
Peach, Mint, and Grape.)

I've been coveting this figure for years,

1. I love vamps
2. I love nurses
3. I love Junko!

So, when I found it for sale, I couldn't resist!

I also bought Mizuno's My Little Pony ♥

If you're not familiar with Junko Mizuno's work,
check out this video to learn more about her...