Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anthology Series

I adore them, particularly horror anthology series.
Here's my top 10 favorites: (In alphabetical order.)

1. Alfred Hitchcock Presents / Hour

2. Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

3. Beyond Belief: Fact Or Fiction?

4. Night Gallery

5. The Outer Limits

6. The Ray Bradbury Theater

7. Tales From The Darkside

8. Tales Of The Unexplained From Behind The Veil

9. Thriller

10. The Twilight Zone

I'll be extending this list though. Adding The Dead Hour, a terrorific new webseries!
There's five episodes on the site, each about fifteen minutes long. (Short, but sweet!)
I enjoyed them all. Check them out! You can preview each episode in the trailer:

They're currently working on Season 2, which I'm looking forward to!
(There's also a casting call. So, if you're into acting and in the Omaha area, look into it!)

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