Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy 202nd Birthday, Edgar!

There was a birthday bash on the 15th at The Poe Museum.
(Which I haven't visited yet, surprisingly, since I'm in VA.)

His actual birthday was yesterday though. 
At least that's what the Internet says.
His gravestone disagrees, as you can see...

It states he was born today, the 20th. Wonder which is true?

By the way, I took that photo myself!
When I visited the Westminster Hall Burying Grounds in 09.
Here's a shot of the other side...

[Fact: His aunt/mother-in-law and wife are also buried there.]

Anyway, this seems like a perfect time to present my petite Poe!
(He's one of two actually.)

Resurrected and reunited with his lost love Lenore

Hopefully Annabel Lee won't find out!
Here he is resting with her...

And now I'll leave you with my favorite Poe inspired song...


  1. I live in Richmond, VA and I've never been to the Poe Museum either! What is wrong with me?!

  2. I don't feel as bad now! lol. You should go there and take/post pix! ;)
    Love your blog btw!

  3. I know! I need to go! Let's go together! :)

  4. Okay! :) Looks like there's an event every month during the Spring/Summer!
    I'd probably go to the one in August, since it takes place in the garden. :)

  5. great post. I wonder how you'd would react to something written about you this way. Anyone would love it, I bet. The dolls are an odd touch. Very cool blog - love it.

    Draven Ames

  6. Thank you very much!
    And yes, I'd appreciate an odd entry like this written in homage to me.
    I think Poe would too. :)

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