Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dear Readers,

Remember, no (wo)man is a failure who has friends.
Thanks for the wings!


"One for You, Me - and Santa" Ornament
by Jasmine Becket-Griffith ♥

I'd love to hang that ornament on a tree,
but I don't have one this year, sadly.
So, this virtual tree will have to do.
All it needs are gifts under it!


Friday, December 23, 2011

A Creepmas Carol

First, here's the story narrated by the Master of Macabre:

Now I present my Creepmas ghosts:

The Ghost of Creepmas Past:
Casper in his first Christmas episode,
which you can watch here!

The Ghost of Creepmas Present:
(She's a Creepmas present to myself. >:)

The Ghost Zombie of Creepmas Future:
"Bah, humbraaaains!"

And the winner of the Creepmas Contest is...

Here's his spooktacular submission,
the dead sexy Corpse Bride, Emily:
I think she would look lovely on skin!

Congrats, Jeremy! And thanks for entering!
Check out his other awesome artwork here!

And while I'm on the subject,
check out my Corpse Bride snow globe:
I ♥ the zombie gentlemen!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creepmas Continues!

Since I wasn't able to post everything I had planned,
I'll be celebrating Creepmas here till Christmas!

I've also extended the deadline for the Creepmas Contest to Sunday.
So, get your entries in to win these Sweet Monstrosities:
Jason (with detachable Santa hat) Scare Bow
and Axmas Earrings
(Both handmade with love by me)

[Sorry the prizes are on the girly side, guys.
You'll also get the Goth Coloring Book though!]

Anyway, since the Witches Yuletide Ball was the other day,
I thought I'd share this fitting episode of Gumby:

And a greeting from my favorite fictitious witch,
Samantha from Bewitched ♥

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Krampus puts the Creep in Creepmas!

Here's ways to celebrate Krampus Day anyday:

1. Construct your own paper Krampus figure,
complete with accessories and bad child!
Or if you're not into Do It Yourself,
you can buy a paper puppet Krampus!

2. Watch the Krampus in The Venture Bros. Christmas special:
(His hilarious scene starts at the 8 minute mark)

3. Bake and devour Krampus cookies

4. Wash them down with a bottle of Krampus beer

Bonus: Check out the awesome Krampus artwork here!

And this also awesome, but sadly faux comic cover:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creepmas Contest: Deck Your Skin to Win!

Want to win a Goth coloring book 

Here's all you have to do:

Draw a Creepmas Tattoo

[Bonus points if it's on you]

Then send a pic of it to

Deadline: December 18th

This contest was inspired by Comforting Skin,
an upcoming film about a girl with a living tat!

Comforting Skin - trailer 1 from Justin James on Vimeo

Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh My Goth! I'm Late for a Very Important Date!

Missed me? Missed me?
Now you have to kiss me,
under the zombie mistletoe!
This photo is old, but I had to post it cause it's so Gawth!

The 13 Days of Creepmas fun have begun,
and since I missed yesterday, here's day 2 and 1!

But first,
I want to thank The Haunted Rose for bestowing this beautiful award upon me!

Rules for passing the award along:

1. Thank the person who awarded you
2. Pass it to 3 Gothic blogs you adore

And the award goes to:

Corpse Cafe

Daph's Dark Little Corner

Little Gothic Horrors

[It was perfect timing receiving the award,
since the Sophie Lancaster Foundation just published a book of poetry.
Which you can purchase here.
The poems are from a writing competition and are all about being different.
 I would've entered if I had known about it. Since, like Rose, I write poetry.
Some of which you can read here.
And if you aren't familiar with Sophie's story, you should watch this video.
Make sure you have tissues handy though.]

Now I'll leave you with a fitting Creepmas carol by Within Temptation ♥

Stay tuned for a Gothical giveaway soon!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

No Tricks, All Treats!

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!
Mine was rather lame, sadly.
I received some sweet stuff though!
Check it out...
♥ The card and button are from my favorite guy, Jonathan

♥ The horror DVD set and popcorn is from Lovely Miss Megs

♥ The pumpkin earrings are from Jessica of Sweet N Sour Deals

 ♥ The adorable zombie doll is from Emma of Little Gothic Horrors

I also won a custom zombie portrait from Chris Zenga,
which is currently in progress. I can't wait to see it!!!

So, what did you guys get?
If you just got a bag of rocks,
treat yourself to some of the sweets I brought to Miss Meg's party!

[Yes, even though I've been absent here,
I have been in the Blogosphere.
I also attended Justine's Halloween party!]

Now it's time for me to give some goodies away!

The winner of the Zombie Walk Giveaway is...

Zena/Real Queen of Horror! Congrats!
Just email me your address.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

If you didn't win, don't worry,
I'll be doing another giveaway for Creepmas!

I'm a CREEP for The 13 Days of CREEPMAS

Monday, October 17, 2011

Blog Birthday Bash

My blog turned one year old on the 14th,
which calls for a monster birthday bash!
Friends (and cake) good! [Photo from Frankensteinia]

To my 110 faboolous followers,
I love you more than zombies love brains!
I also have awards to pass to some of you.

But before I do,
I want to wish a happy belated birthday to Lissa Lycan,
iZombieAutumnforestThe Great White Dope and Justine!

[Had a birthday recently too? Let me know and I'll add you!]

Now without further ado, onto the awards!

First is the Liebster (Dearest in German) Blog Award,
 bestowed upon me by Living Dead Girl Nicole!

The Rules: 
1.) Thank the person who gave it to you and link to their blog.

2.) Pass the award on to 5 blogs with less than 200 followers.

1. Thank you, NicoleYou're dear to me too!

2. These brilliant blogs deserve more followers:

Next is the iDig Your Blog Award,
bestowed upon me by Horror Smorgasbord!

iDig Your Blog Award Protocol:
1 .) Gratefully accept this award. 
2 .) Link to the person you received it from.
3. ) Post 3 interesting facts about yourself.
4 .) Pass this award around to at least 5 blogs you dig. 
5. ) Notify them.

1. I gratefully accept this awesome award!

2. Thank you, Slowdeath77! iDig you too!

3. Three slightly interesting facts about me:

- As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm currently pet free,
(since I live in an apt barely big enough for my bro and me.)
I owned 2 dogs (both female Samoyeds), a black bunny, 
and 4 hermit crabs during my childhood/adolescence though.
I always wanted a cat, but my dad was/is allergic to them.

- My boyfriend proposed to me in a Michael Myers costume...
I wish! He proposed after we watched Halloween in 06 though.
(We broke up in 09, but are working on getting back together.)
I've had the Halloween theme as my ringtone since then,
cause I'm a sentimental ghoul. And I just love the movies!

- I'm an Agent of Strange/Promoter of Emily the Strange.
This involves running a Tumblr blog with fellow Agents.
I also have a rarely used personal Tumblr blog,
which shows my sweeter (yet still spooky) side.
While I'm linking, I have a profile on Halloween Forum too!

4. I dig these 5 blogs and pass the award onto them:

5. I shall notify those fine folks momentarily!

And last but certainly not least,
the coveted Zombie Rabbit Award,
created and bestowed upon me by iZombie!

The Rules:
01.) Give the award up to 10 who you like,
but give a couple the "Next Blog" slider button on top...
so random blogger people can feel the love from a stranger.

[I don't know what a slider button is,
so I'm going to skip that step, sorry.]

02.) Post those you gave the award to,
so fans of your site can see the places you like and Paid It Forward too.

And the award goes to these groovy guys and ghouls:

Picking recipients took me a loooong time,
because there's so many blogs that I adore.
I also wanted to pick ones I haven't before.
Thanks again to everyone who follows me!

The Zombie Walk Giveaway winner will be announced in my next post.

I'm also co-sponsoring a ghoul gift card giveaway at Sweet N Sour Deals,
my friend Jessica's sweet (literally!) new blog!

Monday, August 29, 2011

"You're gonna need a bigger boat"

We're shark free (hopefully!) but us East Coasters have experienced difficulties.
An earthquake (my first) and a hurricane in the same week! It's been insane!
Though I can't complain. No one here was harmed. Hope you all are okay?!

Anyway, I have much to do, including passing on blog awards to some of you!
But first, since sharks are on my mind, 
I must share this birthday card of mine...

It plays the Jaws theme and inside it says:
"Don't Look Now... It's another Birthday... And it's Headed Right at YOU!"

Best card ever from the best cousin ever! ♥
(The Birds card was equally awesome though!)

Also check out this badass bathing suit...

Look out Ariel!!!!

It was made by Black Milk, but it's no longer for sale, sadly.

Want more Jaws goodness?
Then swim on over to Totally Jinxed and check out her tribute here!
(Be sure to wish her a happy belated birthday too!)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

"I wish I could write as mysterious as a cat"

Upon discovering there was such a thing as Black Cat Appreciation Day,
I knew I had to post about it.
Especially since yesterday would've been cat loving author H. P. Lovecraft's birthday!
Hence the Cthulhu-Cat above.

I decided to post my favorite adaptation of E. A. Poe's The Black Cat.
It's from the second segment of Tales of Terror (1962),
starring Peter Lorre and Vincent Price

You can watch it here, starting at the 3 minute mark...

Own a black and/or strange cat? You should submit his or her picture here.

If you do, please post it here too, so I can include it in a video I'm making.
The power of creepy cat compels you!

As for me, I'm currently pet free, sadly.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lucy Cuts Vincent's Price

Lucille Ball and Vincent Price not only share a birth year,
they also shared scenes in this episode of Here's Lucy...

You can watch the whole hilarious episode (in two parts) here!

[Fact: Vincent Price and Desi Arnaz Jr. also starred in House of the Long Shadows (1983)]

This post is in honor of Lucille Ball's birthday,
which would've been Saturday, August 6th.
Happy 100th! ♥
Zombie Lucy by Shannon Lynch

Want to see Betty White go on a Killing Spree?!

Okay, not Betty, but another awesome old lady?
Her name is Cybill Siegel,
and she hopes to hack her way into your hearts!

Cybill's sad story turned gory starts at her 80th birthday party.
She discovers that her kids have secretly arranged to put her in a nursing home.
 Not only that, her estranged drunk of a son also plans to steal her vintage car.
Needless to say, mama is mad and decides to make them pay... permanently!

Want to see Killer Granny on the big screen?
Then kindly make a monetary donation here.
You'll receive some sweet stuff for doing so!

[Note: I'm not affiliated with this campaign,
just trying to help by spreading the word. :]

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sideshow by the Seashore

Which would you rather see as a weekly series?

1.) Bloody Beach of the Week
2.) Spooky Song of the Week
Or 3.) Freak of the Week

In this post you get all three!

Presenting Onethirtyeight and Jan Stephens' Coney Island Spooktacular!

Hope you all enjoyed the show as much as I did!
Did you spot some familiar faces in the audience?

Speaking of Coney IslandI went there in Fall of 2004.
Sadly the Sideshow was closed then though.
I did however snap this shot of where it would've been:

Doesn't this look like a post-apocalyptic scene?

Although the beach wasn't bloody (sorry to disappoint),
it was still sort of eerie looking, eh? So desolate.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Halloween In July!

First off, the winner of the costume contest is...


Congrats! :) Just email me your address,
and I'll send your bag o' sweet monstrosities!
Containing mostly wearable treats made by me,
samples of items I may sell in my Etsy shop soon.

While I'm on that subject, I'd like to introduce my shop's mascot/logo...

Miss Monstrosity Tee shirt
Browse more Monster T-Shirts
[Design conceived by me and created by Omor Olvera]

She's also for sale as a customizable tee, as you can see.
[/Shameless Advertising]

Anyway, thank you to everyone who entered!
If you missed out on this contest/giveaway, don't dismay!
I plan to do another one at the end of August, because...

Speaking of giveaways,
I won 3 packs of Monster In My Pocket series 1 trading cards from The Midnight Brood,
which I'm going to go open now!

Then I may have a Halloween movie marathon, since I now own them all on DVD!
[Except for Halloween III (Michael isn't in it, so it doesn't count) and the remakes.
Though I'd like to own the first one. Haven't seen the second. Is it worth buying?]
Wish I had some Hallowine to sip on while I watch!

Sadly ya'll can't join me. You can however play the Atari 2600 Halloween game here!

Hope you stay alive longer than me!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Costume Party Over Here!

The Contestants....

Living Dead Girl Nicole as a bloody beautiful Baby Firefly

Halloween Queen Justine as a pretty Pirate

The Real Queen of Horror as a sweet School Ghoul

I've decided to extend the contest through the weekend.
So, you have till Monday the 25th to send your photos in!

Then I'll post a poll for you all to vote for your favorite entry.

UPDATE: The contest is open till Friday the 29th at 11:59 PM.
Winner will be selected randomly and announced by July 31st!