Saturday, May 28, 2016

May Monster Madness 2016

Birthday boys Vincent Price and Christopher Lee usually deliver the shivers,
but not in this episode of Faerie Tale Theatre:

The bone bowling scene reminded me of this song:

I dig that dancing werewolf. Speaking of werewolves,
I played One Night Ultimate Werewolf last Saturday.
During the full moon!


Note my new handmade candy crown.
I'm my alter ego, Holly Ween, the monster candy queen.

Werewolf on Wheels

I'm a member of the Candy Corn Apocalypse Army too!
I got this sweet stuff and more in my membership pack:

I also bought myself this battle buddy plushy:

I'm starting a candy clinic with my partner in slime soon.

Speaking of slime, check out this video I'm mentioned in:

Enter to win a $20 gift card,
which you can use to get one of these:

By voting on this bad bot battle:

MechaGodzilla vs MechaKong from King Kong Escapes

Comment with the name of the bot you think would win to vote for them.

Then go mingle with the other monsters here!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bad Bot Battle #2

The Terminator (T-800) vs Hector from Saturn 3

Comment with the name of the bot you think would win to vote for them.
The bot with the most votes wins.

Everyone who votes on the battles are entered to win a $20 Vat19 gift card.
Which you can use to get this:

Terminator Coffee Mug

For those unfamiliar with Hector,
he's controlled by a crazy captain (Harvey Keitel)
who's after a sexy scientist (Farrah Fawcett).
But who can blame him? Look at her:

Sadly she never wears this awesome outfit in the film.
Just in a deleted scene, which you can get info on here.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Robot Monster

George Barrows plays Ro-Man in the original 1953 film.

Bob Burns plays him in The Special Edition,
which aired in 3D on MTV in 1982.

Tom Woodruff plays him in Looney Tunes: Back In Action,
which is directed by Joe Dante and features other aliens:

Robot Monster is my segue from Ape-ril to Mecha May.

I'm doing the Bad Bot Battles again and the first battle begins now!

Returning champ Robby from Forbidden Planet 
Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still

Who would win? Comment with your vote.
The bot with the most votes wins!

May Monster Madness is also on the way and I'm a co-host this year!
You can get all the details and join the fun here.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Musick Monday: Do the Konga

That's my favorite scene before Konga turns into a big, mean, dancing machine!

He doesn't really dance, but I had to make a mashup with Gloria Estefan's Conga.

You can get Konga (1961) on DVD with Yongary (1967) here.

I'm surprised they didn't pair Konga with Gorgo (1961),
since they're in comics together.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Poems about Pooches

Epitaph to a Dog (Boatswain) by Lord Byron.

Beau by Jimmy Stewart.

Ed McMahon called himself and Johnny Carson maudlin mutt mourners.
I am too, so decided to write haiku-esque poems about my Samoyeds.

Smart and strong,
No matter what life threw at her,
Snowball rolled on.

Spring followed Snow,
While bouncing to and fro,
Daisy was crazy.

Except when she was sleeping.

Vincent Price wrote a whole book about his dog!

The Book of Joe will be re-released on April 26.

Celebrate by joining the Dress Your Pet Like Vincent Price contest.
Post a photo of your pet dressed like Vincent on his Facebook page
with the hashtags #bookofjoe and #fundforanimals.
Then send your name and address to
If you're not on Facebook, just send your photo to that address.
Winners will receive a copy of the book and many other goodies.

Vincent also befriended the pooch Mooch in Mooch Goes To Hollywood,
who is played by Higgins (better known as Benji) in drag.
I love it and this wonderfully weird fan video:

This post is in celebration of National Pet Day and National Poetry Month.

I'm late as usual, but hope to join in on this poetry party:

Friday, April 8, 2016

Alternate Endings to King Kong

#1. Kong kills and bathes in the blood of all his enemies.

Color him blood red (or any color), send it to me and I'll post it.

Colored by Ladan Soodmand

#2. Kong is put in suspended animation and sent to Dinosaur Land.

#3. Beauty Ann (Fay Wray) slayed his hand, and wore it!

Gorilla in the Midst Costume

Starring Barbie in King Kong

If you're near the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring, Maryland,
you should go see the real ending at this epic event tomorrow:
You can get all the info here.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Gorilla v Superman and Star Trek v Planet of the Apes

Have a Super Easter by watching this episode of Adventures of Superman:

Superman - 2x14 - Jungle Devil by superannuatedlps
The gorilla comes in at 20:25

It made MeTV's list of 10 great gorillas (actors in ape suits) from classic TV.

I'll be posting more classic TV gorillas during Ape-ril.

Speaking of which,
today is Leonard Nimoy's birthday and William Shatner's was the 22nd,
so I must post this:

Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive

You can get the TPB which collects all 5 issues here!