Monday, July 25, 2016

Music Monday: Thriller

On Carson last night Vincent Price said he commissioned a painting by Dali!
This beautiful one to be exact:
The Madonna and the Mystical Rose

I thought that was so cool, so I had to share.
I loved Vincent's art discussion with Johnny and Joan Rivers.
Sadly I couldn't find a clip of that episode, which was from 1974.
But I found one of the Halloween 1987 episode,
where Vincent recites his rap from Thriller!

I know you want to hear the whole song now,
so here it is with a doll version of the video:

Vincent's wife Coral Browne's birthday would've been Saturday.
You can read Vincent's daughter Victoria's post for Coral here.
I hope to meet her at Barnes & Noble in Arlington VA on August 6.
She'll be signing copies of Vincent's cookbook. All the info is here.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


That song reminded me of this picture by Tylero88:
See an alternate version of it on my Facebook page here.

I was going to save the song for Music Monday,
but want to share this SDCC exclusive MH doll:

I got her! Tomorrow is the last day you can get her here!

Speaking of Monster High,
check out my friend Jaime with her Draculaura doll:
I love that she's rocking a Draculaura tee too!

I want to see a photo of YOU with a doll on the 31st,
which I've made Dress Up With A Doll Day!
If you'd rather not be in the photo, that's okay.
You can just post a photo of your dressed up doll
and call it Dress Up A Doll Day!

Don't have a doll? Print a paper doll!
Like this Halloween Betty Boop one:

Then cut it out, dress it up, take a photo and post it!

Or make a virtual doll here!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Music Monday: The Ballad of Chucky & Tiffany

Stuck With You by Voltaire with Amanda Palmer

I want those Chucky & Tiffany bows stuck (er, clipped) on me!
They're from Monique's Fun Accessories on Etsy and Storenvy.

The awesome Bride Of Chucky artwork up top is by Matt Ryan.
You can get it on a poster from his store. I want it too!

I also want this complete Chucky collection:

Monday, July 11, 2016

Music Monday: Spacation

Earthlings were making me cry, so I took to the sky.

First stop was Vegas In Space on the all female pleasure planet Clitoris.

The police queen Veneer busted me for breaking one of their laws.

And had her trainee Tracey take me to the less fabulous all female planet Venus.

Their queen sent Tracey away after hearing her tell me she used to be a he.

Queen of Venus from Abbott & Costello Go To Mars

I went with my new friend Tracey, who brought me back to Earth then left.
I'm sad she didn't stay for my birthday tomorrow, so I'm having a pity party.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Dad vs Doll in...

My favorite episode of The Twilight Zone.

The bad Dad's name is Erich Streator. 
He's superbly played by Telly Savalas.
The Doll's name is Talky Tina and I love her very much.
So much I'm applying to be one of her True Friends here.
June Foray voiced Tina and her inspiration, Chatty Cathy.
Tina was actually an altered Brikette doll though.
Here's one with a Talky Tina replica I really want:

If you haven't seen Living Doll,
watch this condensed version of it to see who wins:

Happy Father's Doll's Day!

I am sorry, Daddy by May Ann Licudine

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Doll Days of Summer 2016

Happy World Doll Day! Enter to win a Wonderful doll here!

The Doll Days of Summer start today
and go till Aug. 7, National Doll Day!

I'm making July 31 Dress Up With A Doll Day!
All you have to do is post a photo in a costume or mask with a doll.
Like so:

That fab photo is by 60's freak photographer Diane Arbus.
Who is portrayed by Nicole Kidman in the film Fur (2006).

If you're a doll creator or collector, I want to feature you!
Please send the following to

- Your name

- A photo of you

- A bit about you and your dolls

- 3 to 10 photos of your dolls

- A link to your site and/or store

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Mecha Melee

Robby from Forbidden Planet

The Terminator

Cylon from Battlestar Galactica

Shockwave from Transformers

Maximilian from The Black Hole

B.A.T. from G.I. Joe

Evil Otto from Berzerk and Frenzy

Which bad bot do you think would be left standing after this battle royal?

Comment with the bot's name to vote for them.

Everyone who votes is entered to win a $20 gift card!

The winner and the baddest bot will be announced Friday night.

The giveaway winner is... Bob Johns!

The baddest bot is... the Cylon!

Never fear, there's no CGI here!