Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The Seventh Annual Vampire's Day Soiree

Listen to Dracula's Greatest Hits:

While you have a glass of hot chocolate blood:

You can put these popcorn mashmarrows in it:

And have some bleeding heart Junior Mints for dessert:

Then join Dracula's bride Vampira (Teresa Graves) on the dance floor:

As she flew out, two love bats flew in and requested this song:

Dracula's son Count Downe (Harry Nilsson) will play the last song:

That's my favorite Nosferatune.

Speaking of poor Count Orlok,
check out this artwork from the Curse of the Vampire comic book:

You can get it on Etsy here.

Win a $25 Etsy gift card by guessing how many candy heart pills are in this jar:

I'll announce the winner this Saturday.

Be sure to visit all the guests listed here.

Happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

Friday, January 26, 2018

My milkshake brings Evil Grimace to the yard

And he's like "It's a dinosaur!"

Damn right, it's a dinosaur.
(A tri-shake-atops to be exact.)
I tricked you, but I didn't charge.

Speaking of dinosaurs, I learned about Evil Grimace from Dinosaur Dracula here.
That's when I found the figure of him on eBay, which was in the box/on the card:

I only opened one side of the box, so I was able to put him back in it.

He was a 2007 SDCC exclusive, so getting him for $50 was a good deal.

I love everything about him, but wish they didn't sew his arms to his body.

I wish mini milkshakes with velcro to stick on his hands were included too.

Now here's all the dirt I dug up on Evil Grimace:

He was introduced in November 1971.
In his first three appearances, he was depicted with two pairs of arms to steal shakes.
(Dinosaur Dracula posted those three commercials. I found one more with him here.)
"Evil" was soon dropped from his name and he was reintroduced in 1972 as a good guy.

Evil Grimace still existed as a sticker, a cookie, and a valentine card though.
As you can see:

You can get those stickers here and watch the commercial for them below.

That screen cap is from this cookie commercial:

You can get the other McDonaldland valentine cards here.
The commercial for them is at the 3:41 mark of this video:

I think there are two Grimaces. Fraternal twins. One evil, one good.
Evil Grimace was banished from McDonaldland, so he moved to England.
Where he became personal assistant to Justin Hawkins of The Darkness.
Doesn't that look like him drying Justin off in their best video below?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Poe Playthings

Back row Poe is a Living Dead Doll. I posted about him here.

Middle row Poe is my new action figure from

Front row Poe is Lil Edgar, who was from too.

Here's the animated version of the mini comic that came with him:

This post is in celebration of Poe's birthday.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Invitation to The Seventh Annual Vampire's Day Soiree

Vampire's Day is my alternative to Valentine's Day.
For those who prefer love at first bite, like Nick:

I got this pin here.

We celebrate with a virtual sanguinary Soiree on February 14.
All you have to do is post something vampire related that day.

To join, simply sign up below.
Please share the picture below too.
Use #VampiresDaySoiree on social media.

I got this pin of that cute couple here:

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Puppets and Monsters and Bears! Oh My!

Before I post about the next holiday (Vampire's Day!),
I must share these creepy Christmas specials:

The Bear Who Slept Through Christmas (1973)
Watch it here.

A live action short film begins after the cartoon ends at the 25:25 mark.

A bear reporter tells about Ted E. Bear's other holidays,
while pictures from the books about him are shown in it.

The first creepy book is Christmas Comes To Monster Mountain,
which you can borrow from the virtual library here.

The second creepy book is The Great Bear Scare,
which was made into an animated film in 1983.

Even if you're over 10, you can watch it here.

You can also listen to Ted E. Bear records here.

The next film is Pinocchio's Christmas (1980). Watch it here.

I love the fairy in it, Lady Azora, who's pictured (center) below.

She has a sleigh pulled by white rats!

The last (but not least) film features a Vincent Price puppet!

Gorgo's Christmas Carol (2017):

It reminded me of the Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea episode with Vincent.
He played an evil puppeteer. Get all the info on it at David Hedison's site here.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Murray Christmas

I found the believed lost Mother Goose's Birthday Party (1970)!
It's at the beginning of Santa's Enchanted Village (1964).
The version on Amazon here.

Stinky the Skunk, Ronald McDonald, and Merlin the Magician

In this 4 min film, host Ronald shows how to make a party hat.

Happy Birthday is sung before blowing out the cake's candles.

Then the 12 min film Santa's Enchanted Village (1964) begins.

As you can see, Merlin isn't listed in the credits, but he's in it.
He's also in K. Gordon Murray's infamous Santa Claus (1959):

Watch it here.

That's Murray's longest Santa film. He has two other shorts.
They are Santa Claus and His Helpers (1964)
and Santa's Magic Kingdom (1966).
You can watch the first here. I can't find the second online.
I can't find Murray's Mother Holly (1954) either, sadly.
She's a witch by the way.

Speaking of witch,
Marfi of Incipient Wings made me this pretty painting:

It's inspired by Holly, Ivy and Rose by Tori Amos:

I'm so vain, because I think this song is about me.

My sister Ladan posted a Creepmas poem about me as a witch here.

I want to wish a very happy belated birthday to her
and my other sister from another mister, Ashley.
She gave me the best gift, a Goddaughter!

I gave her that Jack Skellington bow.

The rest of my family gave me money.
I'll let you all know what I blow it on.

I'm going to watch Repeat Performance (1947) now.
It's set on New Year's Eve.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Wolf Devil Woman (1982)

The LSD-fueled battle epic from Taiwanese filmmaker Pearl Cheung Ling!
Writer-director-star Ling plays a woman who was raised in the snowy mountains
by wolves for one purpose -- to crush the evil warlock who slayed her parents.
Released by the same company that distributed dozens of Godfrey Ho ninja movies,
WOLF DEVIL WOMAN is an hallucinogenic onslaught of hyperactive kung fu brawls,
zombies wearing rubber Dracula masks,
and a final boss who has a Freddy Krueger glove on each hand.

You may have seen HAUSU, INFRA-MAN, and Francois Truffaut’s THE WILD CHILD.
But have you ever seen them all in one 85-minute sitting?
All hail Pearl Cheung Ling.

I HAD to see this after reading that description by Joseph A. Ziemba.
I watched it on Amazon and agree, we should all hail the lovely Ling!
This movie is awesome! It's also fitting for Christmas,
cause it features a baby who grows up to save people from the Devil,
a Rudolph, snowmen, and of course wolves.
(Find out what wolves have to do with Christmas here.)

I found out Wolfen Ninja is the same movie,
but with a different dub and missing scenes.

These would've been the perfect treat to eat while watching it:

Naughty Ninjas from my Creepmas post last year here.